Panama Papers: Police raid Mossack Fonseca's offices

Prosecutors say raids at the law firm's headquarters in Panama city went off "with no incident or interference".

Panama Papers

Panama Papers: How the Seychelles saved Syria

Panama Papers revealed how a seemingly insular regime has harnessed the tools of globalisation to ensure its survival.

by James Denselow

Panama Papers

Panama Papers: UK's Cameron fights back in parliament

David Cameron lashes out at 'deeply hurtful' allegations made against his father after the Panama Papers leak.

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Panama Papers: Mammoth leaks and media collaborations

We look at coverage of the scandal and ask whether corporate-owned media have been agenda-driven in their reporting.

Counting the Cost

Panama Papers: Inside the shady world of tax havens

We explore the impact of the Panama Papers and ask how much of the wealth-management industry's work is perfectly legal.


UK's Cameron publishes tax details as pressure grows

Prime Minister David Cameron releases details of income tax payments after Mossack Fonseca revelation.

Panama Papers

Panama Papers: Protesters demand Cameron's resignation

David Cameron's "mishandled" efforts to disclose interests in offshore trust triggers demonstration at party event.

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Panama Papers: Have the media censored the story?

Can the corporate-owned media really hold the corporate world to account? Plus, Julian Assange on the Panama Papers.

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Behind the Panama Papers

Investigative journalist Gerard Ryle talks about the reach of the story and the journalistic collaboration behind it.

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Q&A: Julian Assange on the Panama Papers

The WikiLeaks founder speaks to Richard Gizbert about secrets, leaks and why all 11.5 million files should be published.

Panama Papers

Panama Papers: El Salvador raids Mossack Fonseca office

Documents and equipment seized by authorities in investigation of Mossack Fonseca, firm at centre of data leak scandal.

Human Rights

Panama Papers: The hypocrisy of the ruling elites

The world is plagued by elites who ask citizens to tighten their belts while they go on with their lavish lifestyles.

by Remi Piet

Panama Papers

Panama Papers: Argentina's Macri has 'nothing to hide'

Federal prosecutor calls for an investigation after leaked documents show the president had links with offshore company.