Counting the Cost

Game of oil: Behind the OPEC deal

OPEC member nations have agreed to cut oil production, but how will the deal affect the global economy?

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Will OPEC's deal to cut production work?

OPEC member nations agreed to cut oil output at a meeting in Vienna, which could mean lower supplies and higher prices.

Oil Price

Oil prices surge as OPEC reaches production deal

Oil price jumps to $50 as OPEC members agree to cut production by 1.2 million barrels per day from January 2017.

Oil Price

OPEC seeks to nail down oil output cut in Vienna

OPEC members are meeting in Vienna in an attempt to stabilise the global market by cutting oil output.

Arab Spring

UN reveals economic cost of Arab Spring uprisings

ESCWA's $614bn figure equal to six percent of GDP of regional economies from 2010 Tunisia protests to end of last year.

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Can the oil market be controlled?

Saudi Arabia pushes to freeze oil production and Russia signals its support.

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Saudi's oil giant says 2018 the right time for listing

Aramco CEO says market will have recovered enough by 2018 to embark on what could be world's biggest public listing.

Counting the Cost

OPEC and the stagnant price of oil

As OPEC agrees on the first production cut in eight years, we examine the impact on global oil prices.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco eyes $334bn investment by 2025

State-owned oil giant plans to pump in billions for infrastructure and create about 500,000 jobs for Saudi nationals.


Haftar's forces seize fourth oil port in Libya

Capture of Brega comes as Western nations condemn renegade general's offensive on "oil crescent" along northern coast.

Middle East

Hero Ibrahim Ahmad: Smear campaign or political crisis?

Iraqi Kurdish leader's wife is accused of trying to block oil exports, but some say she is being scapegoated by rivals.


Neglect and Venezuela's precious oil production

Oil has permeated every aspect of Venezuelan life since pumping began in 1914, but mismanagement has fuelled a crisis.


Venezuela food crisis forces Coca-Cola shutdown

Firm stops production over sugar shortage as country faces one of worst economic crises in recent history.

Counting the Cost

Americans under the gun: NRA and the gun business

As gun ownership rises in the US, we look at how attempts to rein in gun violence are benefiting gun makers.

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Is Venezuela on the brink of collapse?

In addition to a political standoff, Venezuela is facing one of its worst economic crisis in years.