Asia Pacific

North Korea warns US of 'powerful nuclear deterrent'

Vice foreign minister says Pyongyang 'fully prepared' for any American attack and vows to bolster nuclear arsenal.

United States

China: Military force won't halt North Korea threat

US put North Korea on notice it won't tolerate any provocation, while Pyongyang threatened a nuclear strike in response.

Nuclear weapons

North Korea: The elephant in the room at Trump-Xi talks

Pyongyang has pursued its nuclear and missile programmes at an unprecedented pace to expand its deterrence against US.


Nuclear powers boycott UN talks on weapons ban

UN General Assembly begins negotiations on prohibiting weapons, but without any nuclear-capable states in attendance.

North Korea

North Korea vows to pursue nuclear arms amid US threat

Pyongyang envoy to UN warns his country is developing 'pre-emptive strike capabilities with nuclear forces'.

Asia Pacific

North Korea says it's not afraid of US military strike

Pyongyang reacts with disdain after US Secretary of State Tillerson warned 'all options are on the table'.

Asia Pacific

Tillerson says regional tensions at 'dangerous level'

US secretary of state visits China to strengthen ties, address N Korea's nuclear programme and discuss trade issues.

Asia Pacific

North Korea 'tests new high-thrust rocket engine'

State news agency report suggests engine will be used for country's space and satellite-launching programme.

Nuclear weapons

Tillerson in China to discuss N Korea nuclear programme

US secretary of state travels to Beijing after saying pre-emptive military action against North Korea may be necessary.

Asia Pacific

Tillerson: Army action against N Korea 'on the table'

US secretary of state says military action an 'option on the table'' as 20 years of diplomacy have come to nothing.

North Korea

US says 'all options on table' to deal with North Korea

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley calls Kim Jong-un arrogant and not 'a rational person'.

Inside Story

A new nuclear arms race?

President Donald Trump says he wants the US to expand its nuclear arsenal.

Middle East

Iran warns of 'dark days' in case of US military attack

Ali Akbar Velayati, adviser to supreme leader, calls US efforts to halt Iran's missile programme 'worthless fantasies'.

Nuclear weapons

'Overwhelming response': US warns North Korea

US Defense Secretary James Mattis makes first foreign trip to key ally South Korea and reaffirms military alliance.

Middle East

US puts Iran 'on notice' after missile test confirmed

US national security adviser signals toughening stance on Tehran after Iran insists tests did not breach nuclear accord.