United States

Killing John F Kennedy and the prospect of peace

35th American president was gunned down 53 years ago on Tuesday, ending what some say were plans to finish the Cold War.


Iran warns enduring sanctions threatening nuclear deal

Foot-dragging on sanctions relief jeopardising historic agreement to curtail nuclear weapon production, Tehran says.

Nuclear weapons

Opposing nuclear weapons in the era of millennials

Diplomats and activists are reviving efforts to scrap nuclear weapons, but the odds against them may be getting longer.

North Korea

N Korea able to produce 20 atomic bombs, say experts

Analysts say despite sanctions, increased uranium production means the country can make six nuclear weapons a year.


US bombers fly over South Korea in show of force

Demonstration of solidarity between the allies comes in response to North Korea's most powerful nuclear test to date.

Inside Story

Should N Korea's nuclear ambitions concern the world?

North Korea says threat of more sanctions is "laughable" after it holds its fifth and biggest nuclear test.

North Korea

North Korea 'ready for another nuclear test any time'

South Korea says North is set to conduct an additional nuclear test, days after it drew ire by testing powerful device.

North Korea

World leaders condemn North Korea nuclear test

South Korean president says North Korea shows "maniacal recklessness" as world powers unite in condemnation.

People & Power

India's Nuclear Riddle

People and Power investigates whether India is about to escalate its nuclear arms race with rivals Pakistan and China.

Inside Story

Does the UK need a nuclear deterrent?

British MPs have thrown their support behind the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons programme.

War & Conflict

MPs vote to renew submarine-based nuclear weapons

Trident programme involves four new vessels at an estimated cost of $54bn over the next 20 years.


Iran deal will haunt the Middle East in the future

Iran is stronger and more forthright in the region today than it was before the deal was agreed.

by Luke Coffey


What Obama's Hiroshima visit means for North Asia

Japan's neighbours concerned that US president's trip will allow nationalists to whitewash wartime atrocities.


North Korea cements Kim at the top

The bottom-line for Kim, will always focus on regime stability.

by J Berkshire Miller

North Korea

South Korea: North readying new nuclear test

President Park says Pyongyang appears to be preparing for its fifth nuclear weapons test in defiance of UN sanctions.