Human Rights

Life returns to the Mexican city of Juarez

It was once the 'kidnap capital of the world', but businesses, residents and tourists are beginning to return.

Gang violence

Japan's yakuza crime group split spikes gang war fears

Yamaguchi-gumi's numbers dropped from about 20,000 at its peak with recent defections further reducing its mafia clout.


Mexico's Fight for the Future

A teacher struggles to help young people caught in a vicious cycle of drugs and violence in Mexico's Guerrero state.


Taking from the Italian Mafia to give to the poor

Father Ciotti's organisation transforms seized Mafia property for the social good - and he's become a target for it.

Latin America

Gang wars in El Salvador, bloodiest year

Gang violence continues to claim more lives in El Salvador, after the collapse of the truce.

Latin America

Mexico community takes on illegal loggers

Risking their lives, residents of Cheran in the country's southwest drive out armed gangs who used to protect loggers.

Latin America

New report rejects Mexico case on 43 missing students

Independent experts say government's assertion that students were burned to ash beyond identification never happened.

Latin America

Gang violence leaves 14 prisoners dead in El Salvador

Relatives gather outside Quezaltepeque jail demanding information after violence between factions within Barrio 18 gang.

Arts & Culture

Reggae, a failed assassination and Jamaica in turmoil

Man Booker Prize nominee Marlon James speaks to The Stream about his novel "A Brief History of Seven Killings".

Poverty & Development

As murders soar, El Salvador gangs want to talk truce

A year after truce collapses El Salvador gangs seek new path to engage government in another truce process.

Gang violence

South Africa: Escaping gangland through Islam

In Cape Town's Hanover Park, former gang members who found Islam are giving youth an exit strategy from violence.

Human Rights

Mexico: Where a story becomes deadly

Gang control over Mexico's media is at an all-time high, with many local reporters being bribed, coerced or killed.

Inside Story

Mexico's war on drugs

Despite relentless efforts, the Mexican government has so far failed to eradicate drug cartels.

US & Canada

Arrests follow Texas motorcycle-gang gunfight

Waco shaken by shootout between rival groups that killed nine people and wounded 18 in restaurant on Sunday.

Latin America

Gang violence continues with impunity in Colombian city

Despite security measures, new report finds that violent crimes in Buenaventura often go unpunished.