Street Food

From famine to feast: Street food Beijing

Torn between tradition and modernity, China's customs of an ancient past compete with the convenience age of the new.

Street Food

Lima: Peru's food revolution

As Peru struggles to define its modern self, are the country's culinary traditions the key to a better future?

Street Food

Street food Palermo: A melting pot in the Mediterranean

We discover how Sicily's multicultural past has shaped the island's unique cuisine and traditional street food culture.


Venezuela military controls food as nation goes hungry

With much of the country on the verge of starvation, food trafficking has become one of the biggest businesses.


Street Food Jerusalem

Travel back to 2008 with Street Food as they sample the vibrant and varied food culture in conflict-ridden Jerusalem.


Cracking the peanut allergy

TechKnow investigates what's fuelling the spike in food-related allergies and whether science can cook up a cure.

Special series

Circle of Poison

A look at the powerful pesticide industry, its effect on the developing world and how small farmers are fighting back.


Bangladesh's genetically modified eggplants

Can genetically modified crops improve the lives of the poorest farmers?

Street Food

Snacking through the Big Apple: Food carts in NYC

We explore the cultural diversity exemplified throughout the vibrant street food scene in New York City.

Street Food

Zanzibar: Spices, slaves and the spirit of independence

An insight into the spice island's culinary heritage and its struggle for greater autonomy and a new identity.

Inside Story

How can food security in Africa be achieved?

A new major report on agricultural productivity has documented success stories in a number of African countries.


Restaurant owners struggle in Dhaka after ISIL attack

Restaurant owners in the Bangladeshi capital say businesses are struggling as cautious residents avoid dining out.

Syrian Refugees

Syrian refugee chefs share their recipes

Refugee chefs 'seduce Parisians' with their culinary creations while sharing a taste of home.


Drinking coffee does not cause cancer, WHO says

Your latte or cappuccino will not cause cancer, as long as it is not served too hot, new research says.


Venezuela food crisis forces Coca-Cola shutdown

Firm stops production over sugar shortage as country faces one of worst economic crises in recent history.