A look at Yemen's malnourishment problem

War in Yemen has left millions of people with inadequate access to food. Al Jazeera's Natasha Ghoneim explains. Warning: Images may be disturbing for some viewers.

Counting the Cost

Brexit: A threat to Britain's food security?

We discuss whether the UK's divorce from the European Union could come at the cost of food security.


Nepal's plant clinics

earthrise visits Nepal's plant clinics which help farmers manage pests with eco-friendly methods.


Surviving drought in South Africa

earthrise explores smart solutions for farming during drought.


Food: Farming for the Future

earthrise looks at some innovative methods of sustainable farming and food production as climate change intensifies.

Talk to Al Jazeera

Beyond meat: The end of food as we know it?

We travel to Chile to meet a group of young scientists determined to develop smart plant-based food to save the planet.

Counting the Cost

How social media influences food trends

What is the effect of social media on global food trends and should producers restaurants factor in its importance?


India state to give life sentences for cow slaughter

Hindu activists have long accused the Muslim-dominated meat industry of covering up the slaughter of cows.

India state to give life sentences for cow slaughter

Latin America

Brazil police raid meatpacking plants in bribery probe

Global companies as well as small rivals face crackdown as inquiry finds proof inspectors and politicians were bribed.

Police raid meatpacking plants in bribery probe


Doner kebab and integration: A story worth telling

Let us swim around the melting pot, enjoying the mix.

Ibrahim Dogus

by Ibrahim Dogus

Ibrahim Dogus


Q&A: Fuchsia Dunlop on the politics of Chinese food

The writer and expert on China's gastronomy discusses her scepticism about applying Western standards to Chinese food.

Q&A: Fuchsia Dunlop on the politics of Chinese food

Street Food

A taste of migration: Penang's multi-culinary heritage

We explore the island state off the coast of Malaysia through its unique food, history and people.

Street Food

From famine to feast: Street food Beijing

Torn between tradition and modernity, China's customs of an ancient past compete with the convenience age of the new.

Street Food

Lima: Peru's food revolution

As Peru struggles to define its modern self, are the country's culinary traditions the key to a better future?

Street Food

Street food Palermo: A melting pot in the Mediterranean

We discover how Sicily's multicultural past has shaped the island's unique cuisine and traditional street food culture.