Kenya says arson caused deadly fire in school

Education minister confirms reports of attacks around the country, including in Mombasa and Kisumu besides Nairobi.

Kenya: Arson caused fire that killed nine schoolgirls


Sir Ken Robinson's education revolution

Education expert Sir Ken Robinson argues that we should radically rethink how we educate our children.


Nobel winner Malala wins place at Oxford University

Pakistani-born Malala Yousafzai, shot by the Taliban for promoting girls' education, accepted by Oxford University.

Nobel winner Malala wins place at Oxford University


New initiative to try to keep South Africa's children safe

Communities affected by gang violence hoping the old adage 'safety in numbers' will work on the school run.


Kabul's American University students defiant despite violence

The American University of Afghanistan has held a graduation ceremony despite killings and kidnappings over the past year.

United States

Afghan girls robotics team given US visa after outrage

Girls whose visa applications were rejected twice finally given green light to travel to international robotics contest.

Afghan girls robotics team given US visa after outrage

Latin America

Chile protesters call for free higher education

Clashes have erupted in Chile's capital Santiago between police and protesters calling on President Michelle Bachelet to fulfill her promises of improvements to the educational system and more reforms.


Parents open autism school in Zimbabwe

A school in Zimbabwe is providing a much-needed service that the country’s cash-strapped government cannot. There are no state-run schools that help children with autism, so some parents have started their own.

Middle East

Saudi-led blockade on Qatar affecting college students

Young people from across the Middle East come to Qatar to study at various universities. But the air, sea and land blockade imposed by Qatar’s neighbours is disrupting their education.

101 East

India's Child Geniuses

Five million children in India are believed to have genius-level IQs, but few are ever discovered.

Reporter's Notebook

Charter schools vs. traditional public schools: A false choice

Charter schools may provide a better option for children when traditional public schools fail but are they the answer to systemic problems in US education?


Iraq must invest in education to secure its future

The cost of investing in Iraq's education will be high, but the return of this investment will be immense.

Peter Hawkins

by Peter Hawkins

Peter Hawkins

United States

US ‘charter’ schools hit by controversy

The US government is planning to allocate more money for 'charter' schools which are seen as an alternative to traditional educational facilities. This has resulted in local schools getting underfunded.


Afghan girls defy challenges to attend school

Thousands of new Afghan students are going to what for them is an unfamiliar place: a public school. But educational progress has been slow and hampered by war.

Latin America

Colombia’s striking teachers take to streets

Tens of thousands of teachers have protested in Colombia's capital, Bogota, and other cities, calling for more state investment in education and wage increases.