rebel education

Mexico: The Power of Early Education

How a school with a rigorous curriculum for children as young as two makes a world of difference to Mexican students.

rebel education

Teaching Empowerment: Prison Education in Kenya

Kenyan prison inmates learn how to read and write as well as gaining legal skills to represent themselves in court.

rebel education

Quiz: How much do you know about education?

Take our quiz and test your knowledge about global education.

rebel education

Inspiring Science: Building Thailand's Future

Can innovative science education turn Thai students into agents of change and boost the country's economy?

rebel education

Uganda's School for Life: Educating out of Poverty

Can teaching entrepreneurship skills help Ugandan students break the cycle of poverty and youth unemployment?

Middle East

Turkish university lets Syrians study in Arabic

Nearly 2,000 Syrians are taking classes at Gaziantep University where they can resume studies from where they left off.

Human Rights

Going back to school in Kenya's biggest slum

Hundreds of adults who grew up illiterate are getting a second chance to read and write in Nairobi's Kibera slum.


Afghan returnee girls at risk of early marriage: report

Survey by Save the Children indicates Afghan refugees returning from Pakistan are also vulnerable to forced labour.


Cameroon teachers, lawyers strike in battle for English

Anglophones say French is being imposed in schools and court rooms in English-speaking regions.


West Bank: Reading for fun in Palestine

A Nablus school that won a $1m reading award hopes to get children off smartphones to read books.

United Kingdom

Foreign students targeted by UK anti-migrant policies

Past targets of government crackdowns complain of arbitrary detentions and deportations.


Morocco restores world’s oldest university

The University of al-Qarawiyyin takes steps to preserve decaying medieval manuscripts.

Human Rights

Some Chibok girls 'unwilling to leave Boko Haram'

Over 100 Nigerian girls missing since 2014 could either be radicalised or ashamed to return, Chibok negotiator says.


South Africa: University fee protests turn violent

Dozens arrested at Johannesburg's University of the Witwatersrand during protests demanding free tertiary education.


Two Schools in Nablus: Learning to Die

In 2007, we followed pupils and teachers struggling to get or deliver an education in the West Bank. What has changed?