Syria's Civil War

Syria’s war: Children return to bomb-ravaged schools

Gaziantep, Turkey - The UN is warning of a “lost generation” in Syria as many children have been unable to attend school since the conflict began in 2011. Some children are now returning to the bombed schools as they try and make up for lost time.


Roma kids in Slovakia 'segregated, bullied by teachers'

Slovakia's school system riddled with institutional racism, fails to prepare for life after school, rights groups say.


Jim Crow is alive and well in Israel

Long before Israel erected separate communities, the United States perfected the art of the artificial divide.


US sanctuary schools defy Trump's immigration raids

A growing number of school districts are refusing to cooperate with immigration officials.


Can board games tackle corruption in Indonesia?

A group of women are educating bureaucrats, school children and police about the wrongs of corruption.


Yale drops white supremacist's name from college

Activists underwhelmed by US university's move, say change of name from a 'bad person to a good person' is not enough.

rebel education

Teaching Empowerment: Prison Education in Kenya

Kenyan prison inmates learn how to read and write as well as gaining legal skills to represent themselves in court.


How to close the educational achievement gap in the US

An initiative is closing the gap between African American students and their peers by recognising collectivist culture.

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Uganda's School for Life: Educating out of Poverty

Can teaching entrepreneurship skills help Ugandan students to break the cycle of poverty and youth unemployment?

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Inspiring Science: Building Thailand's Future

Can innovative science education turn Thai students into agents of change and boost the country's economy?

Battle for Mosul

Mosul University after ISIL: Damaged but defiant

Faculty and students of Mosul University, which was recently retaken from ISIL, vow to save its legacy.

Human Rights

UN: 40% of Syrian children in Turkey not in school

Risk of 'lost generation' as UN agency says 380,000 Syrian child refugees miss formal education at present in Turkey.


Palestinian hospital school 'resistance to occupation'

The one-classroom school in an East Jerusalem hospital allows chronically ill Palestinian children to continue studies.

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After School: Where Art Meets Technology

Armenian students explore the intersection between art and technology to develop skills not taught in other classrooms.

United Kingdom

UK students push for more non-white thinkers on courses

Students at SOAS want more black scholars on their courses but reject reports they want to drop white philosophers.