South Africa: University fee protests turn violent

Dozens arrested at Johannesburg's University of the Witwatersrand during protests demanding free tertiary education.


Two Schools in Nablus: Learning to Die

In 2007, we followed pupils and teachers struggling to get or deliver an education in the West Bank. What has changed?

United Kingdom

UK: LSE academics 'barred' from advising on Brexit

The Foreign Office has told the LSE that non-UK academics should not do advisory work for the government on Brexit.

South Africa

Protesting students clash with police in South Africa

Students arrested as police fire tear gas, rubber bullets, and stun grenades against protesters.

Human Rights

Educating girls in South Sudan

Meet the girls who must overcome conflict, hunger, stigma and sexual abuse just to go to school.


Ghana: Call to remove Gandhi statue over 'racist views'

Campaigners urge removal of Indian social activist's statue from university, saying he was racist towards black people.

Human Rights

UC Berkeley's ban on Palestine course 'McCarthyist'

Students enrolled in the course demand that university administrators lift the suspension, calling it discriminatory.

Inside Story

Can the world's governments educate every child?

With about 260 million children worldwide not in school, many countries are falling behind UN 2030 education goals.

Syria's Civil War

Syrian students find new home at Mexico university

Mexican NGO Habesha is bringing promising students to earn college degrees and helping them rebuild their lives.


Turkey conducting 'largest ever' operations against PKK

At least 186 PKK fighters killed, military says, as thousands of teachers with alleged links to the group are suspended.


Turkey suspends 11,000 teachers for suspected PKK links

Thousands of education staff suspended as President Erdogan announces largest ever operation against Kurdish fighters.

Human Rights

Roma mothers in Czech Republic fight for better schools

Roma women launch campaign to end segregation in Czech schools and fight for equal opportunities for their children.

Middle East

Israel tells Palestinians: Our textbooks or no funding

Palestinian schools in East Jerusalem are asked to adopt Israeli curriculum if they want extra resources.

US & Canada

US: Maccabee Task Force denies funding anti-BDS posters

Maccabee Task Force distances itself from poster drive on US campuses targeting pro-Palestine activist groups

War & Conflict

University survivors recall night of horror in Kabul

Students vow to remain resilient following the attack on American University of Afghanistan which left at least 12 dead.