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India's Child Geniuses

Five million children in India are believed to have genius-level IQs, but few are ever discovered.

Reporter's Notebook

Charter schools vs. traditional public schools: A false choice

Charter schools may provide a better option for children when traditional public schools fail but are they the answer to systemic problems in US education?


Iraq must invest in education to secure its future

The cost of investing in Iraq's education will be high, but the return of this investment will be immense.

Peter Hawkins

by Peter Hawkins

Peter Hawkins

United States

US ‘charter’ schools hit by controversy

The US government is planning to allocate more money for 'charter' schools which are seen as an alternative to traditional educational facilities. This has resulted in local schools getting underfunded.


Afghan girls defy challenges to attend school

Thousands of new Afghan students are going to what for them is an unfamiliar place: a public school. But educational progress has been slow and hampered by war.

Latin America

Colombia’s striking teachers take to streets

Tens of thousands of teachers have protested in Colombia's capital, Bogota, and other cities, calling for more state investment in education and wage increases.

US & Canada

Christian Liberty University gives Trump warm welcome

US President Donald Trump received a warm welcome at the commencement ceremony of America's largest Christian university.

Asia Pacific

Philippines: malnutrition hinders children's school performance

An estimated seven million children across the Philippines suffer from serious malnutrition. This problem is largely driven by inadequate access to nutritious food, lack of nutrition education, as well as poor health and sanitation services.

US & Canada

US education chief booed at historically black college

Students turn their backs in protest as Betsy DeVos delivers commencement address at historically black university.

Betsy DeVos booed at Bethune-Cookman University


Somaliland students rely on food aid

Tens of thousands of children are out of school in Somaliland because of drought. Many of those still in the classrooms are relying on aid from the World Food Programme.


The West's obsession with itself

Whitewashing the history of the West will not make the Western civilisation great again.

Donald Earl Collins

by Donald Earl Collins

Donald Earl Collins


South Africa struggles to educate disabled children

South Africa's government estimates that more than 600,000 disabled children are not getting an education because of inadequate resources and the stigma surrounding their condition. Experts say the disability is often viewed as a curse.

Asia Pacific

Student suicides on the rise in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's government is investigating a recent rise in the number of student suicides. It is recommending counselling for young people under pressure and better training for teachers.


'Racial segregation continues' in South African universities

Twenty-six years after the end of apartheid in South Africa, black students believe university campuses are still effectively segregated.


EU opens case against Hungary over higher education law

Brussels says Budapest undermines principle of academic freedom by targeting university funded by US philanthropist.

EU opens case against Hungary over higher education law