Death penalty

US: Does a man who killed no one deserve death row?

Jeffrey Wood's family pleads clemency for man sentenced to death as an accomplice in a deadly 1996 robbery.

Human Rights

Nevada runs out of lethal injection drug

Nevada's Department of Corrections says it is asking several companies for supplies of the drug needed for executions.

US & Canada

Texas halts execution of man who did not kill anyone

Jeffery Wood's execution stayed on the ground that psychiatrist who provided expert opinion was later discredited.

Human Rights

UN: Maldives should stick to death penalty moratorium

UN rights chief Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein says the country's movement toward resuming executions is "deeply regrettable."

Human Rights

Iran executes Sunni convicts

State media says the men were accused of attacking civilians and religious leaders in Iran's western Kurdish region.

Human Rights

Indonesia executes four convicted drug traffickers

The convicts were shot by firing squad at the Nusa Kambangan penal island shortly after midnight local time.

Human Rights

Ignoring appeals, Indonesia plans to execute 14

The group of mostly foreigners will be put to death for drug crimes in the country's third round of recent executions.

Death penalty

UN urges Indonesia to halt looming executions

UN express alarm at planned executions of convicts, including citizens from Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Pakistan and Senegal.

Turkey attempted coup

President Erdogan: Ready to reinstate the death penalty

Amid growing calls post-coup attempt for capital punishment, Turkey's leader says "democracy" is demanding its return.

Human Rights

Report finds 'alarming rise' in executions in 2015

Surge in Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia brings death toll to its highest point in 25 years, Amnesty International says.

War & Conflict

Explainer: World reaction to Iran-Saudi hostilities

Diplomatic row between Mideast heavyweights has triggered various global responses - here's what they're saying.

Death penalty

Saudi Arabia's 2015 beheadings the most in 20 years

The government has already put 151 people to death this year as rights groups continue to call for accountability.

Human Rights

Saudi Arabia court confirms Shia cleric death sentence

Supreme Court confirms capital punishment for Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a leader of anti-government protests.