Malaysian court postpones Kim Jong-nam's murder hearing

Two female suspects appear in court but lawyers warn they feared 'a trial by ambush' with police not sharing evidence.


Locked Up Warriors: New Zealand's Prison Problem

New Zealand’s imprisonment rates are among the worst in the developed world. We revisit a Maori family to examine why.


Mind Over Battle

In Los Angeles, a former gang member, who helps others break away from violence and drug addiction, has his own battles.


Pakistan shrine custodian charged with murder

Custodian and two others arrested after 20 people were stabbed and beaten to death near Punjab's Sargodha.


Twenty killed in Pakistan shrine stabbing attack

Three people, including custodian, arrested after bloodbath at shrine outside city of Sargodha in Punjab province.

Special series

India's Ladycops

Exclusive access to a police station in India run by women for women reveals a unique perspective on a changing society.


Israel arrests suspect behind US-Jewish bomb threats

Israeli police arrest teenager in connection to more than 150 anti-Semitic bomb threats against Jewish centres.


Ex-Russian MP killed in Ukraine: police

Denis Voronenkov, a former Russian politician, was shot dead in Ukraine's capital Kiev, police say.

US & Canada

Chicago sexual assault streamed live on Facebook

Forty people watch live feed showing sexual assault of 15-year-old girl in US without alerting police.


Somali pirates release oil tanker and crew

Vessel and eight sailors freed apparently without ransom payment, ending first hijacking of commercial ship since 2012.


Philippine VP blasts Rodrigo Duterte's 'war on drugs'

Leni Robredo urges Filipinos to 'defy incursions on their rights' as she denounces president's bloody anti-drug war.


On the scene of a shooting in Sinaloa, Mexico

The scene of a shooting in Culiacan, Sinaloa, shows what Mexico's 'war on drugs' looks like at the ground level.


Deadliest beat: Reporting on Mexico's war on drugs

The inside story of Mexico's drug war as seen through the work of two newspapers in Sinaloa state back in 2011.


US man sets Florida store on fire to keep 'Arabs out'

Police charge 64-year-old man with arson after he attempted to set shop ablaze to 'run the Arabs out of our country'.


Black Americans more often wrongfully convicted: study

African Americans more likely than white people to be convicted in error of crimes including murder and sexual assault.