Asia Pacific

Samsung heir indicted in bribery scandal

Prosecutors have indicted Samsung's de facto chief Lee Jae-yong on embezzlement linked to massive South Korean scandal.


South Koreans hold rival rallies over Park impeachment

Demonstrations in Seoul come as court prepares to hold final hearing on president's impeachment over corruption scandal.

Asia Pacific

Hong Kong ex-leader Tsang sentenced to 20 months

Tsang sentenced to 20 months in prison for corruption, becoming Hong Kong's highest-ranking official to be jailed.


French police search Marine Le Pen's party headquarters

Raid is part of an investigation into allegations that far-right leader used EU funds to pay staff of her FN party.


Former Hong Kong leader found guilty of corruption

Donald Tsang, who faces up to seven years in prison, is the most senior official to be found guilty in a criminal trial.


Thousands protest in Panama against corruption

Demonstrators take part in anti-government rally amid growing scandal over bribes paid by Brazilian firm Odebrecht.

Inside Story

Are political ties of S Korean businesses unravelling?

Tech giant Samsung's chief arrested as several of country's big firms implicated in political corruption scandal.


Husband of Spain's Princess Cristina gets jail term

Cristina ordered to pay fines and Inaki Urdangarin given six-year sentence for charges including fraud and tax evasion.


Romania: The second fall of Ceausescu

The 2017 protests in Romania mirror the 1989 ones. They both brought down a corrupt kleptocratic order.

by Cristian Popescu

Rodrigo Duterte

Duterte pressed for details of $44m 'hidden deposit'

Opposition senator releases 'proof' that president and his family did not declare multiple deposits as required by law.


Incoming leader of India's Tamil Nadu state jailed

Chief Minister VK Sasikala sentenced to four-year jail term for corruption that prevents her from taking up her post.


Romania to hold referendum on corruption after rallies

Politicians back a vote on anti-corruption reforms after weeks of angry protests at attempts to sideline graft laws.


South Korea summons Samsung chief in graft case, again

Prosecutors question Lee Jae-yong for second time in part of wider corruption investigation liked to President Park.


Anti-government protests continue in Romania

Protesters brave freezing temperatures as they take to the streets against attempts to water down anti-corruption laws.


Romania, Bulgarians are jealous

As they watched across the Danube River, Bulgarians wished they could do what the Romanians spectacularly did.

by Maria Spirova