The Listening Post

Turkish media on tenterhooks

A look at Erdogan's tightening grip on the press; plus, how Canada's oil and gas industry affects the media.


Cancelled play highlights UK counter-extremism debate

Critics cry foul as production exploring youth radicalisation mysteriously pulled after police visit.

Arts & Culture

When we spoke to Leila Alaoui on tackling taboos in art

Before her death, the French-Moroccan artist spoke to Al Jazeera about migration, racism and identity in her work.

The Listening Post

Managing the message: The Yangtze ship disaster

The Listening Post looks at the methods and the limitations of China's media disaster management.

The Listening Post

Beijing's media damage control

How China managed the message after the Yangtze ferry disaster; plus, a look at the face behind the news, the anchorman.

Science & Technology

Yemenis report lack of access to social media sites

Users across country say Twitter has been down since 10GMT, while others say they could not access Facebook and YouTube.


France's almost funny attempt to block the web

France's attempt to block 'jihadist' websites comes under heavy criticism - and some ridicule.

by Hisham Aidi


Censoring 'India's Daughter' is unconscionable

The government's banning overdrive has caused India more embarrassment than the film.

by Saurav Datta



It is the epitome of arrogance to think that secular values are worthy while others are not.

by Faisal Kutty

Science & Technology

Controlling the internet China style

While hosting the World Internet Conference, China tries Tiananmen activist for leaking 'state secrets' to US website.

Business & Economy

Zimbabwe on the big screen

Filmmakers overcome political and financial problems to tell their stories at Harare's 16th international film festival.


Bird of dawn

A composer struggles to host a concert featuring female singers as public performances by women are banned in Iran.


China blocks Beijing film festival

Police prevent Beijing Independent Film Festival from opening, seizing documents and films.


Bangladesh freedom of speech in question

Journalists and political opposition unhappy about proposed broadcast laws, which they say could hinder free speech.


Russia's online wavemakers

Two brave bloggers risk life and limb to challenge Russia's press restrictions and get their stories told.