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US Congress overrides Obama's veto on 9/11 bill

Families of 9/11 victims are now able to sue Saudi Arabia for allegedly backing attackers after law is passed.

US & Canada

US: Barack Obama vetoes 9/11 bill

Obama vetoes bill that would have allowed families of victims of September 11, 2001, to sue government of Saudi Arabia.

Fault Lines

The Dark Prison: Legacy of the CIA Torture Programme

Victims of the CIA's brutal interrogation programme speak out about torture and its effect on their lives.

September 11

I remember the day ... 9/11: An American perspective

The author was preparing for her wedding on 9/11. What followed was a journey through the US and the American psyche.


9/11 New York: Remembering a pre-political moment

The politics of the mourning has triumphed over the mourning of the political.

by Hamid Dabashi

September 11

9/11 then and now: Terror, militarism, war and fear

It is no wonder that this war persists as terror groups expand further.

by Rami G Khouri


Afghanistan still at the mercy of myopic policies

The US must continue to pressure Pakistan to stop harbouring the militants who threaten Afghanistan and the world.

by Helena Malikyar

September 11

Obama on 9/11 anniversary: We never give in to fear

US president begins remembrance by celebrating diversity and promising to "destroy" groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIL.

Guantanamo Bay

Tortured Saudi pleads for transfer from Guantanamo

Alleged 20th September 11 attacks hijacker asks review board for freedom as the US admits his torture at naval prison.

Special series

Drone: Inside the CIA's Secret Drone War

From drone operators to strike victims, we examine the impact of remote-controlled killing and the future of warfare.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump backpedals on torture pledge

Republican frontrunner reverses stance after vowing to waterboard "terrorists" and have their families killed.

Guantanamo Bay

9/11 planner needs care after alleged torture: Amnesty

Rights group says abuse inflicted on Guantanamo detainee has led to medical problems that have been ignored.

September 11

US judge dismisses 9/11 case against Saudi Arabia

Judge throws out case filed by victims' families, saying Saudi Arabia cannot be sued due to sovereign immunity.


Reality Check: The failure of the 'war on terror'

Mehdi Hasan breaks down the real costs of the global campaign to fight 'terrorism'.


Headliner: Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai

The former leader discusses the rise of ISIL in his country and calls al-Qaeda's presence in Afghanistan a "myth".