Mauritius debris to be looked at in MH370 investigation

If confirmed to be from missing Malaysia airlines flight, debris will be first found from the inside of the plane.

Malaysia Airlines

Mozambique debris 'almost certainly' from missing MH370

Australian minister says pieces washed up in southern Africa consistent with panels from missing Malaysian Airlines jet.

Malaysia Airlines

Hijackers? Aliens? Theories over Flight MH370 abound

Two years after disappearing, fate of missing Malaysian airliner continues to draw speculation - some of it wild.


France says wing part found at Reunion is from MH370

The part, known as a flaperon, was found on the shore of the Indian Ocean island on July 29.


Malaysia PM confirms wreckage belongs to MH370

Debris found on Indian Ocean island came from Malaysia Airlines jet which disappeared 17 months ago, Najib Razak says.


Malaysia seeks help to widen MH370 search

Malaysia asks Indian Ocean islands around Reunion to search for plane debris after wing part confirmed from Boeing 777.

Malaysia Airlines

Possible Malaysia plane wreckage to be tested in France

Malaysia says debris on Reunion island "very likely" from Boeing jet, but unclear if it is from missing MH370 airliner.

Malaysia Airlines

Reunion Island plane debris investigated for MH370 link

Malaysia sends a team to Indian Ocean island to examine wreckage, but officials say it is too early identify its origin.

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Malaysia: MH370 search area to be widened

Search teams from Malaysia, China, and Australia to expand search zone by 60,000sq km if no wreckage found by May.

Science & Technology

Aviation mystery spawns conspiracy theories

Though evidence suggests the MH370 is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, there is no dearth of outlandish explanations.

Inside Story

MH370: Breakdown in communications?

A year on from the Malaysia Airlines tragedy, is the airline industry keeping up with modern tracking technology?

Business & Economy

Families wait in anguish for answers to MH370 mystery

Authorities urged to continue search for Malaysian Airlines jet which went missing en route to Beijing one year ago.

101 East

MH370: The Unending Search

One year after Flight MH370 vanished, 101 East investigates one of the world's greatest aviation mysteries.

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Malaysia declares missing MH370 an 'accident'

Government formally declares passengers, crew of missing flight presumed dead, in order to clear compensation payments.

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines website targeted by hackers

Hackers threaten to share customer data online, after posting a teaser of it, but company says its servers are intact.