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Meet Your Maker

How Massimo Banzi's Arduino microcontroller enabled thousands of people to build everything from toys to drones.


Japan turns on nuclear power four years after Fukushima

Anti-nuclear activists protest against decision despite government assurances on tougher post-Fukushima safety rules.


Japan pushes ahead with nuclear-power reset

Government says energy source vital for struggling economy but, post-Fukushima, many still distrustful of safety steps.


Study: Fukushima health risks underestimated

Japanese government says nuclear energy is still needed, but environmentalists are wary of another Fukushima.


Freezing out Fukushima's radioactive water

Japanese engineers face mammoth task of dealing with contaminated water from the nuclear plant disaster.

The Listening Post

James Foley: Journalism or propaganda?

We examine the ethical challenges of reporting the murder of the American journalist by IS.


Experts clash on Fukushima radiation effects

Some scientists say authorities in favour of nuclear energy tend to deny the negative results of researchers.