Turkish Cypriots on course for coalition government

PM declares victory for ruling UBP, but fails to achieve outright majority in parliament, unofficial results show.

Turkish Cypriots on course for coalition government


Turkey casts shadow over Turkish Cypriots' vote

Corruption, structural problems and Ankara's grip on pseudo-state dominate campaigns while Cyprus dispute is sidelined.

Turkey casts shadow over Turkish Cypriots' vote

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Can Russia's opposition win against Putin?

If Putin wins the March election, it would mean he would have spent 24 years as leader by the end of his term.


Russia's Navalny barred from presidential run

Opposition leader calls for boycott of 2018 vote after poll committee cites his fraud conviction to hand down ruling.

Russia's Alexei Navalny barred from presidential run


Liberia's election: Supreme Court dismisses Boakai petition

The election, slated for Dec 26, to replace the nation's first female president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, will go ahead as planned.


Interpreting the Catalan elections

Yesterday's vote has confirmed that Catalonia's politics will remain polarised.

Francisco de Borja Lasheras

by Francisco de Borja Lasheras

Francisco de Borja Lasheras


Catalonia votes on future of separatist project

Highly-anticipated regional elections, aimed at resolving separatist crisis, could have EU-wide implications.

Catalonia elections: Poll aims to end separatist crisis


Modi declares BJP victory in Gujarat state election

Bharatiya Janata Party wins state poll in closely-fought race in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's home state.


Honduras declares winner in disputed presidential poll

Opposition Alliance's Nasralla rejects the results, calling them 'fraudulent' as country's political crisis deepens.

Hernandez declared winner in Honduras disputed election


India: Economic woes are key factor in Gujarat election

Although Gujarat is one of the country's top three states in terms of economic growth, it lags behind the others in many social indicators, including primary education, infant mortality and women’s health.


Chileans vote in tight presidential election

After a shock first round, the race for Chile's presidency is 'completely open', analysts say.


Catalonia snap election: campaign on final weekend

Politicians in Catalonia are holding final rallies before the election on Thursday.


Is Moore's defeat in Alabama a cause for celebration?

Roy Moore, who wants the US to return to the days of slavery, won nearly half of the votes in the Alabama Senate race.

Larry Beinhart

by Larry Beinhart

Larry Beinhart

United States

Democrat Jones wins senate seat in deep-red Alabama

Jones wins senate seat against Trump-backed Roy Moore after bitter campaign in southern, Republican-dominated Alabama.

United States

US: Alabama votes in crucial Senate election

Voters in southern state are voting in highly anticipated election that could upset balance of power in the US Senate.

Alabama votes in high stakes Senate race