High turnout as Dutch vote in Europe's far-right test

Crucial vote boils down to a race between Prime Minister Mark Rutte's Liberals and far-right party of MP Geert Wilders.


Dutch vote in key election after divisive campaign

Crucial vote boiled down to a race between Prime Minister Mark Rutte's Liberals and far-right party of MP Geert Wilders.


French candidate Fillon charged over fake jobs

Right-wing candidate charged following reports his family was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars from public purse.


Dutch elections: What is the Wilders effect?

Populist Geert Wilders' biggest impact on Dutch politics is shifting the mainstream discourse to the far right.

by Matthijs Rooduijn


What can the Dutch elections tell us about Europe?

Coming Dutch elections are a prism to understand Europe and tell much about its institutional and cultural crisis.

by Silvia Mazzini
- Kees Jan van Kesteren


Modi's BJP eyes 'New India' in 2022 after landslide

State election wins vindicate PM's decision to turn campaign into referendum on his performance since coming to power.


Sinn Fein makes major gains in Irish elections

The Irish republican party, Sinn Fein, has made major election gains in Northern Ireland's assembly at the expense of pro-British unionists. The Democratic Unionist Party, which supports Brexit, has seen its 10-seat majority cut to just one.

Latin America

Ruling party candidate Moreno leads in Ecuador vote

Moreno is winning the first round of the election, though he is unlikely to avoid a runoff against his nearest rival.

Inside Story

Is Indonesia a tolerant country?

Millions voted in regional elections seen as a test for diversity.


Russia denies targeting French presidential contender

Party chief of frontrunner Emmanuel Macron accuses Russia of targeting the campaign of the centrist politician.


Germany picks Frank-Walter Steinmeier to be president

German politicians elect former foreign minister by an overwhelming majority to be the country's new president.


Swiss back new citizenship rules in blow to far-right

Voters decide to make it easier for third-generation immigrants to become citizens, according to official results.


Turkmenistan elections: Long-time leader set to win

Incumbent Berdymukhamedov faces eight challengers for the presidency but he is all but certain to win the elections.


Somalia beefs up security ahead of presidential vote

Mogadishu and surrounding areas are on lockdown after increase in al-Shabab attacks in lead-up to election.


Dutch far-right MP Wilders tweets fake picture of rival

Altered picture purports to show party leader Alexander Pechtold at rally with banners calling for rule of Islamic law.