Brussels Attacks

Brussels: 'Bombers initially planned to attack France'

Belgium attacks suspect says the group had been planning a fresh attack on France, prosecutors say.

Paris Attacks

Belgium arrests Paris attacks suspect Mohamed Abrini

Police also looking into whether Mohamed Abrini, arrested along with four others, is the so-called "man in the hat".

Brussels Attacks

Brussels attacks: New 'man in the hat' video released

Belgian prosecutors launch new public appeal for information about Brussels airport bombing suspect.

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Is it our fault that we don't care about Lahore?

If news is what stands out from the normal, then we need a new normal.


Belgium charges third suspect over foiled France attack

Suspect joins others being held across Europe as authorities increase efforts to stem cross-border networks.

Middle East

Is Europe under attack?

We are at a crossroads and our politicians are far more invested in their power-based bubbles than in true leadership.

by Harry Hagopian

Brussels Attacks

FBI tipped off Dutch on Brussels attackers

More evidence surfaces of security missteps and communication failures one week after deadly attacks in Belgium.

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Brussels attacks: Media, politics and double standards

What does the Brussels attacks coverage say about the news industry and how English-language news media see the world?

Brussels Attacks

Belgium police still hunting third airport suspect

Authorities issue appeal for information about third suspect caught on airport CCTV as death toll rises to 35.

War & Conflict

Turkey: No to terrorism, no to double standards

If you collaborate with a terror group for whatever reason, it will eventually harm you.

by Kani Torun


Brussels attacks: Protesters and police clash at shrine

Riot police disperse right-wing protesters at a temporary shrine honouring victims of the Brussels suicide bombings.


Belgium charges suspect over 'foiled attack plot'

Prosecutors charge man in connection with a raid in France that authorities say foiled a plot to carry out an attack.


Belgium charges three men linked to attacks in Brussels

Newspaper says one of the three people charged is believed to be a third would-be airport bomber who fled the scene.