United Kingdom

Protests in UK against post-Brexit racism

Thousands rally in cities across the country against rise in racist sentiment after last June's vote.


Brexit: What is Article 50?

It will begin the process of the UK leaving the EU, but what exactly is Article 50?


UK parliament gives Theresa May power to start Brexit

Government to trigger Article 50 by the end of March, formally starting the country's exit from the EU.


Sturgeon raises the stakes for Theresa May in Scotland

SNP leaders' move for a second independence referendum further complicates the UK's process to leave the EU.


Scotland's leader seeks new independence referendum

Citing threat from Brexit, Nicola Sturgeon says she will move to give voters a chance to make Scotland independent.


If Scotland leaves, England will lose the Brexit game

Should Scotland and N Ireland leave the UK after Brexit, the term 'Little England' will really come into its own.

by Alastair Sloan


Theresa May suffers second setback over Brexit bill

The British government has suffered another defeat on the Brexit bill after the House of Lords voted to give parliament the final say on how the UK leaves the European Union.


Brexit: What's next for EU nationals in the UK?

EU citizens campaign for guaranteed rights to remain before Britain triggers Article 50.


Brexit bill delayed as May suffers parliament setback

Upper house of parliament refuses to adopt Brexit bill without amendment to guarantee rights of EU citizens in the UK.


Brexit 'at any cost' will damage unity, says Blair

Addressing voters and businesses, former Labour PM backs effort to temper terms of, or even halt, Britain's EU exit.


UK hate crime 'at record levels' after Brexit vote

Figures collated by British news agency show big increase in attacks after Britons voted to leave the European Union.


Brexit, Grexit and the future of the EU

Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis on the EU's disintegration, and we discuss the future of cyberwarfare.


Brexit and the single market myth

Mehdi Hasan shows how Brexit leaders moved the goalposts on the single market.


Scottish parliament overwhelmingly rejects Brexit bill

In a symbolic move, Scottish politicians vote by 90 to 34 against a bill that would trigger Britain's exit from the EU.


Triggering Article 50

Did UK MPs represent their constituents in parliament over Brexit?