Triggering Article 50

Did UK MPs represent their constituents in parliament over Brexit?


Scots' anger as UK minister dismisses second referendum

Nationalists mull second poll on independence in response to UK parliamentary vote for Brexit but face stern opposition.


Trump is in the way of Theresa May's global gamble

With Brexit, Theresa May is seeking alternative free trade partners, but Trump's nativism is standing in her way.

by Richard Seymour


Can the EU survive the populist wave?

The EU must "get its act together" and become a "real union", or else disappear, says former Belgian PM Guy Verhofstadt.


Hamas and Israel: Can they do a deal?

Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan on the new unity government and Trump, and Guy Verhofstadt discusses the EU and Brexit.

United States

UK's May becomes first foreign leader to meet Trump

Britain's prime minister arrives in Washington for discussions on a wide range of issues, including trade and security.

Theresa May

Theresa May and the Brexit divide

'She has none of the normal parliamentary and media constraints and is one of UK's most powerful prime ministers...'


Why a hard Brexit will cost the UK more than Europe

Brussels has several cards up its sleeve that could hinder Theresa May's plans for a clean and painless Brexit.

by Remi Piet

United Kingdom

Britain publishes draft law to trigger Brexit

Draft law introduced in parliament after top court said government must gain approval before triggering Brexit.


Brexit is still happening, just not the way May hoped

The recent British Supreme Court ruling will not stop Brexit but it will change how it is approached.

by Simon Usherwood

United Kingdom

UK Supreme Court: Parliament must give Brexit go-ahead

Supreme Court rules the prime minister must seek approval from parliament before initiating negotiations to leave EU.


Scapegoating foreign aid

British foreign aid is not to blame for poverty and failed social services in the UK.

by Rachel Shabi


Nicola Sturgeon: The new champion of liberalism

Scotland's social democrat leader, Nicola Sturgeon, has reinvented herself as a defender of establishment liberalism.

by Jamie Maxwell

Counting the Cost

Global inequality: Bridging the gap

Can the World Economic Forum - or new President Trump - make a difference to the growing global wealth imbalance?


Britain will leave EU single market, says PM

Theresa May announces plans for a clean break from EU bloc and promises that politicians will vote on final Brexit deal.