US & Canada

The BDS struggle in US academia

A new generation of scholars continues the push for the academic boycott of Israel, despite setbacks and strong lobbies.

by David Palumbo-Liu


FIFA must take action on Israeli settlement clubs

Following the UN vote on illegal Israeli settlements, FIFA can no longer postpone action on settlement clubs.

by Aubrey Bloomfield

Middle East

Is Israel ramping up crackdown on BDS activists?

A government task force focuses on deporting activists with the movement, and preventing them from entering Israel.

Middle East

Israeli boycott activist seeks asylum in Canada

Gilad Paz, who has conducted most of his activism online, has not yet faced consequences, but fears official reaction.

Middle East

Boycotting Israel in Lebanon: 'A lot more to be done'

Activists have launched an app enabling people to instantly check if a product is made by a company supporting Israel.

Middle East

First mushroom farm in Palestine ends Israel's monopoly

Amoro, the locally produced mushroom, has already taken roughly half of the market share from Israeli producers.

Human Rights

A defeated sanctions vote in the US should worry Israel

Mainstream US civil society institutions now routinely debate Israeli oppressive policies towards Palestine.

by Rami G Khouri

Middle East

'Ramadan Tov': How to stop funding Israel's occupation

A new BDS campaign to encourage Palestinians to boycott Israeli goods in Ramadan and afterwards.


Naomi Klein: I don't 'pick and choose' on BDS

The author says she supports the movement because it comes from a very broad cross-section of Palestinian civil society.

Arts & Culture

Rafeef Ziadah: 'Make a pariah state of Israel'

Poems of Rafeef Ziadah are inspired by true stories of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation and in exile.


Noam Chomsky opposes cultural boycott of Israel

The political theorist says it is a mistake for BDS campaigners to target Israeli cultural and educational institutions.

War & Conflict

Game changer: 10 years of BDS

A decade later, Israel's political leaders are unable to deal with the boycott challenge.

by Ben White


The occupation is starting to become costly for Israel

Forty-eight years after Israel usurped Palestinian lands, the occupation is finally starting to become a liability.

by Daoud Kuttab

Inside Story

Bahrain election: What's behind the boycott?

Opposition groups refuse to take part in parliamentary polls.


Indians urged to mark Diwali with own produce

Government encourages people to celebrate festival by saying no to Chinese-made products and buying goods made at home.