ISIL kills dozens of civilians fleeing Mosul: witnesses

People trying to escape besieged Iraqi city are being killed and their bodies hanged from electricity poles.

Battle for Mosul

How the US destroyed Iraq: On Mosul's civilian deaths

Successive US administrations have and always will be oblivious to the effect that they have had in Iraq.

Battle for Mosul

UN expanding camps near Mosul as 300,000 people flee

More room needed for people streaming from city to escape fighting between US-backed Iraqi forces and ISIL.

Middle East

Belgium probes Mosul air strikes that killed civilians

Investigation under way by Belgian prosecutors over two 'incidents' in west Mosul where dozens of civilians were killed.

Humanitarian crises

ISIL second-in-command 'killed in Iraq air strike'

Ayad al-Jumaili, along with other commanders, killed in air strike in al-Qaim region, Iraqi state TV reports.


The human shields of Mosul

How the international coalition is framing civilians in Iraq as ISIL's human shields.

by Nicola Perugini
- Neve Gordon

Middle East

Suicide truck bomber kills 17 in Baghdad

As fighting with ISIL rages in west Mosul, suicide attack on security checkpoint south of Iraqi capital also wounds 60.


US air raids 'probably' killed civilians in Mosul

'Fair chance' that coalition bombing had role in killing scores of people, says top US commander in Iraq.


Iraq's new marginalised population

Iraqi families with relatives affiliated to ISIL are struggling to find a place for themselves in their own country.

by Belkis Wille

Battle for Mosul

Mosul civilians: 'There were pieces of bodies'

Dozens of civilians died in a recent coalition strike aimed at killing an ISIL commander in Mosul, residents say.

Battle for Mosul

'They hit the oppressed': Iraqis share their stories

Iraqi civilians share their plight as casualties continue to mount from US-led coalition air strikes in Mosul.


The future of militias in post-ISIL Iraq

Iraq’s future stability will depend on how it manages its various militias.

by Ibrahim Al-Marashi


In west Mosul, 'nowhere is safe for civilians'

Anti-ISIL push resumes after brief pause following reports of a large number of civilian deaths by coalition air raids.

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US-led strikes kill '200 civilians' in Iraq's Mosul

Coalition says it struck area in west Mosul where officials say scores of civilians were killed by aerial bombardment.

Inside Story

Has the rule of engagement changed in Iraq?

There has been an outcry over the high number of civilians killed by suspected US-led coalition air strikes in Mosul.