Battle for Mosul

Iraqi forces take control of Mosul Airport

Security forces storm ISIL-held Mosul International Airport as they continue offensive on western half of the city.

Battle for Mosul

Iraqi special forces advance towards Mosul airport

Iraqi troops launch a new assault on the Ghazlani military base near Mosul's airport against ISIL.

Battle for Mosul

Iraqi troops advance on western Mosul as US holds talks

With aerial support from US-led coalition, Iraqi forces launch offensive to drive ISIL from Mosul's western half.

Battle for Mosul

Iraqi forces push into ISIL-held southern Mosul

Troops backed by jets battle their way to Mosul airport, as US defence chief arrives in Baghdad on unannounced visit.

Battle for Mosul

Aid groups brace for surge of displaced Mosul residents

The desperate conditions of west Mosul residents are expected to be compounded as Iraqi forces surround the old city.

Middle East

Iraqi government launches offensive on west Mosul

Prime minister announces start of military operation to take back ISIL's last major urban territory in Iraq.

Inside Story

Will latest Iraqi offensive mean end of ISIL in Mosul?

Iraqi forces and their allies have been fighting for months to push ISIL out of Mosul.

Battle for Mosul

Battle for Mosul upends false Iraq narrative

Analysis: The success of Iraq's counterterrorism forces highlights deep public misconceptions about the war on ISIL.

Battle for Mosul

Thousands return to Iraq's Mosul as fighting continues

More than 46,000 people go back to homes in east of city despite fierce fighting between ISIL and government forces.

Battle for Mosul

Fighting the flames of ISIL in Iraq

Firefighters are still working to extinguish the oil wells torched by ISIL as the group retreated from Qayyara.

Talk to Al Jazeera

ISIL slept in our home

What is homecoming like when you find out that ISIL lived in your house? Returning Iraqis tell us their stories.

Battle for Mosul

Taking west Mosul: A bridge too far?

Squeezing ISIL out of west Mosul will perhaps be the most defining battle in Iraq following the US-led invasion in 2003.

by Tallha Abdulrazaq

Battle for Mosul

Mosul University after ISIL: Damaged but defiant

Faculty and students of Mosul University, which was recently retaken from ISIL, vow to save its legacy.

Battle for Mosul

Iraqi PM says eastern Mosul fully 'liberated' from ISIL

Haider al-Abadi says army took back eastern part of city, day after defence ministry retracted earlier claim of victory.

Battle for Mosul

100 days in, Iraqi army gears up for west Mosul push

Popular Mobilisation 'prepares' to soon launch operation in city's western part, even as fighting continues in the east.