Ashura 2016

Deadly bombings shake Iraq ahead of Ashura events

Blasts in and around Baghdad kill 14 people in run-up to Shia Ashura events as ISIL claims suicide attack in Fallujah.

Ashura 2016

Ashura: Lebanon's Shia defiant in face of ISIL threat

Lebanese Shia mark Ashura amid increasing security threats and sectarian tensions.

Middle East

Ashoura: a time for mourning

The Shia ceremony marking Imam Hussein's death 1,333 years ago is also a time to remember those lost in recent battles.

Ashura 2016

Afghanistan's Shia commemorate Ashura Day

Increasingly prominent celebrations reflect the waxing confidence of the country's religious minority.

Ashura 2016

Shia Muslims commemorate Ashura in Iraq

Shia Muslims are flocking to Iraq to commemorate most revered religious day of their calendar.