Zimbabwe castigates Botswana leader over Mugabe comment

Botswana president called for Robert Mugabe to step down in comments that earned the wrath of the Zimbabwean government.


Major Zimbabwe hospital suspends surgeries

Harare Central Hospital suspends all elective surgeries as public hospitals across country hit hard by economic crisis.

Business & Economy

Cash-strapped Zimbabwe to print $75m in 'bond notes'

Hyperinflation fears as Zimbabwe is set to begin using notes issued by its own reserve bank for first time since 2009.

Inside Story

What will it take to end Zimbabwe's financial crisis?

Zimbabwe is facing its worst financial crisis in seven years.


Zimbabweans use satire to protest against Robert Mugabe

Actors use performance art to speak out against corruption, unemployment and bad governance.


Zimbabwe to axe 25,000 government employees

Finance minister says the country is struggling to pay civil servants whose salaries take up 96.8 percent of the budget.


Zimbabwe court overturns ban on anti-Mugabe protests

Judge lifts police ban, days after president accused courts of recklessness for allowing rallies that turned violent.

The Listening Post

Alternative media: Zimbabwe

A look at alternative media sources in Zimbabwe offering different perspectives on social media freedom.

The Listening Post

Zimbabwe: Social media freedom vs state-owned monopoly

A look at how social media is threatening the state-owned news outlets currently controlling the political narrative.


Zimbabwe: Mugabe blasts judges over protests

President criticises judiciary for "reckless" rulings, ahead of a legal challenge against an official ban on rallies.

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Zimbabwe unrest: Media triggers, media controls

What role does social media play in the current Zimbabwe protests? Plus, journalism caught in the crossfire in Yemen.


'Yes, I was dead,' jokes Mugabe on return to Zimbabwe

After an absence that led to intense speculation that he was ill, the world's oldest head of state returns home.


Zimbabwe police tear gas anti-Mugabe protesters

Zimbabwe police beat up protesters and block off the site of an opposition rally in Harare, despite High Court backing.

Human Rights

Anti-Mugabe protests turn violent in Zimbabwe's Harare

Tear gas, water cannons and batons used to disperse rally in capital Harare with unconfirmed reports of injuries.


Zimbabwe police break up anti-Mugabe protest

Several people have been beaten by police and at least one of the protesters sustained deep cuts on the head.