Zambia’s women boxers battle social norms

Zambian women are increasingly taking up boxing, in part because they are inspired by World Boxing Council bantamweight champion Catherine Phiri. Until 2010, women could not register as professional boxers. Now, they fill gyms.


Zambia's rising queens of the boxing ring

With the success of lightweight champion Esther Phiri, boxing has become a popular sport among Zambia's women.


Zambia's boxing star

Esther Phiri has become an icon for Zambian women, fighting stereotypes and finding success in and outside the ring.


Zambia: Democratic victory or vote snatching?

In a country known for peaceful politics and national unity, there is a real danger of escalating conflict.

by Vito Laterza


Zambia arrests 133 protesters after contested election

Police accuse the opposition of attacking perceived supporters of the president after disputed election result.


Zambia's Lungu wins re-election but rival cries foul

Opposition party challenges result of presidential election, claiming the electoral commission colluded to rig the vote.


Large turnout in Zambia election will test ruling party

Results expected to be close in presidential and parliamentary elections, which saw violence during campaign period.


Zambia's voices on the elections and their future hopes

After elections campaign period rocked by violence, Zambians prepare for polls to elect new president and parliament.


Zambia suspends election campaigning over violence

Electoral commissions halts campaigning in the capital for 10 days following the death of opposition supporter.


Zambia: Refugees attacked after 'ritual murders'

Homes and businesses owned by foreigners looted in Lusaka as refugees are blamed for recent killings.


Zambia sets presidential election to August 2016

Government spokesman says president will sign new Constitution on Tuesday, paving the way for elections later in 2016.


African leaders talk tough at summit on child marriage

AU leaders in Zambia say ending practice is a priority but governments must create and enforce laws to stop problem.


Power-cut blues in Zambia

Hydroelectric-dependent population hit hard by irregular rain, but some question if precipitation only is to blame.


Zambia leader seeks God's help as currency freefalls

President Lungu prays to God to "heal" the ailing kwacha as bars shut and football matches cancelled across the country.


Zambia president to seek treatment in South Africa

Edgar Lungu, who assumed office in January, to travel for further tests following a health scare over the weekend.


Zambian president rushed to hospital after collapse

President Lungu collapsed on the podium while presiding over Women's Day celebration in the capital, Lusaka.