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Russia vetoes UN inquiry on Syria's chemical attacks

A UN inquiry team investigating the use of chemical weapons in Syria will be disbanded, after Russia vetoed a resolution to extend its mandate.

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Museum of the Bible opens in Washington DC

A new religious museum opens in Washington DC on Saturday.

United States

Head of US counterterrorism centre to step down

Nicholas Rasmussen, who headed the intelligence organisation for three years, will leave in December.

Head of US counterterrorism centre to step down

US & Canada

US Congress passes Trump's tax reform bill

Donald Trump's tax reform bill has passed Congress and faces one more step to become law, it needs to pass in the Senate.

US & Canada

Trump lifts ban on ivory trophies

African elephants are on the US' endangered species list. In spite of that, President Trump has lifted a ban by former President Obama on the import of elephant trophies to the US.


Hondurans in US endure 'prolonged anguish'

The US is weighing whether to renew temporary protected status for Hondurans, leaving thousands in a state of anxiety.

Hondurans in US live in limbo amid TPS uncertainty

Inside Story

Who can protect the Rohingya Muslims?

The US' top diplomat decries Rohingya suffering but stops short of calling it ethnic cleansing or demanding sanctions.

Human Rights

Will the US jail journalists and activists for decades?

More than 190 people face charges related to their alleged involvement in protests against Donald Trump's inauguration.

US: Trial begins for first group of J20 defendants


Can America's future escape its past?

To move forward, writer Carvell Wallace says it's time for Americans to face their dark history.

Can America's future escape its past?

Fault Lines

Confidential: Surveilling Black Lives Matter

Fault Lines investigates the scope and impact of police and FBI surveillance of black activists in the US.

The Listening Post

How are the media covering the climate change threat?

A look at the challenges of environmental reporting and why the coverage seldom matches the urgency of the problem.

US & Canada

US: Gunman kills four in California shooting spree

A gunman killed at least four people and injured 10 others in a shooting spree in northern California.

US: Four killed in California shooting spree

Inside Story

Who is to blame for the GCC crisis impasse?

The emir of Qatar says he is ready to talk but that blockading countries have no desire to.

Osama bin Laden

CIA secret diary offers insight into bin Laden's mind

Secret journal shows mastermind of September 11, 2001, attacks on US as engaged commentator, not strategic thinker.

CIA secret diary offers insight into bin Laden's mind


US veteran: Remnants of an 'unnecessary war'

Adrian Bonenberger was deployed to Afghanistan twice. His PTSD is only one remnant of the war he witnessed.

US veteran: Remnants of an 'unnecessary war'