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The future of journalism under President Trump

Will the White House press corps fall in line or fight back with adversarial journalism? Plus, Obama's media legacy.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump sworn in as US president as protests flare

Donald Trump becomes 45th president as protests against his inauguration turn violent in Washington, DC.


Study linking herbicide to serious disease fuels debate

UK scientists say a first-ever long-term study shows popular weed-killer Roundup caused severe liver damage in rats.

Donald Trump

Trump's first executive order aims to scrap Obamacare

President Donald Trump tells agencies to scale back aspects of the Affordable Care Act as a prelude to a full repeal.

Donald Trump

Trump: Defeating 'radical Islamic terror' top priority

After inauguration, White House announces immediate policy to 'unite civilised world' to defeat and destroy 'terrorism'.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump comes to power, in the White House and online

The presidential @POTUS handle was taken over by Trump in a slightly less than smooth transition.

US & Canada

Trump's first cabinet members sworn in by VP Pence

John Kelly confirmed as Secretary of Homeland Security and James Mattis cleared as Secretary of Defense.

Donald Trump

Transcript: Donald Trump inauguration speech in full

US President Donald Trump's inauguration speech, delivered to the nation outside Capitol in Washington, DC.


Trump vows to end 'dangerous anti-police atmosphere'

Statement on the official White House website says US President Donald Trump will empower police departments.

United States

The American dream and Trump

Naturalised US citizens weigh in on the election of Donald Trump.


How will we remember Obama on the world stage?

The Nation editor and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel on Barack Obama's impact on the world stage.


UpFront special: Welcome to the Trump era

We debate what a Trump presidency means for the world, and Katrina vanden Heuvel reflects on Obama's global impact.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump sworn in as US president amid protests

Anti-Trump protesters clash with police in Washington DC ahead of Trump inauguration.

US & Canada

Native Americans expect nothing good from Trump...

...but will the media pay attention at all?

by Tristan Ahtone

US & Canada

Trouble for Trump: Iran, North Korea, Palestine, China

Experts weigh in on four foreign policy areas where Trump's administration might run into trouble.

by Al Jazeera Round Table