Three killed as severe storm lashes Netherlands

Air traffic, trains and buses halted nationwide after Code Red weather alert is issued for large parts of the country.

Three killed as severe storm lashes Netherlands

Inside Story

Who controls the arms trade?

Weapons sales are booming and the number of dead from wars, gun battles and gang crime is rising.

United Kingdom

Rights groups demand UK cancel Saudi crown prince visit

Coalition of human rights groups calls on Prime Minister May to withdraw the invitation to Saudi Arabia's crown prince.

Rights groups to UK: Cancel Mohammed bin Salman's visit


UK construction giant collapses

Tens of thousands of jobs are at risk with the collapse of the UK construction and services giant, Carillion.


In search of the 'merits' of colonialism

Is there anything good that came out of colonialism, past or present?

Laleh Khalili

by Laleh Khalili

Laleh Khalili

Donald Trump

Trump ditches UK trip citing Obama's 'bad' embassy deal

US president says he will not visit London to open new US embassy, blaming Obama for selling previous one for 'peanuts'.

Trump cancels UK trip citing Obama's 'bad' embassy deal

United Kingdom

UK's May to eliminate 'avoidable plastic waste' by 2042

Millions of tonnes of plastics enter the oceans every year, and some take hundreds of years to biodegrade.


Northern Ireland future unclear post-Brexit

Without a functioning government in Northern Ireland, details of the post-Brexit relationship with the Republic of Ireland remain unresolved and, more than esoteric trade laws, the very peace deal that ended 'the Troubles' could be at stake.


NHS: Beloved but beleaguered at 70

The UK's pioneering health service is facing a raft of challenges as it enters its seventh decade.


UK: NHS delays non-urgent operations after winter pressures

Particularly high levels of seasonal sickness this winter have strained Britain's National Health Service capacity after years of doctors complaining that successive governments were starving the agency of funding.

United Kingdom

'Racial backlash': Why Gypsy pupils are expelled in UK

More than two-thirds of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children experience discrimination in some aspect of their education.

Why are Gypsy children often expelled from UK schools?


How are robots changing the future of healthcare?

The rise of artificial intelligence and robotics is changing healthcare.

Science & Technology

Will self-driving cars do more harm than good?

The promise of safer roads sounds enticing, but many fear automation of transport will lead to a massive loss of jobs.

Business & Economy

Managing automation: Developing countries could suffer

The World Bank has warned that the economies of developing countries could collapse because of the rise of automation and robotics.


Robots are intelligent but will they take all our jobs?

Automation and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly sophisticated, gradually replacing jobs and, in some cases, entire professions.