Ex-Russian MP Denis Voronenkov shot dead in Ukraine

A war of words has erupted between Russia and Ukraine after Denis Voronenkov, a former Russian MP, was shot dead in Kiev. Voronenkov was a critic of the Russian government who fled to Ukraine last year.


'Eight coal miners killed, 20 missing' in Ukraine blast

Rescue efforts in western Ukraine ongoing after methane gas blast kills eight miners and leaves 20 unaccounted for.


Ukraine rebels issue ultimatum over rail blockade

Ukraine-run businesses to be seized in Donetsk and Luhansk if blockade does not end, say Russia-backed rebel leaders.

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Lamberto Zannier: 'OSCE is inexpensive and inclusive'

Secretary General Lamberto Zannier discusses the future of the Organization for Security Cooperation in Europe.

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Ukraine accuses pro-Russia rebels of breaking truce

Rebels persistently shelled army positions, killing at least one soldier, according to Ukraine's military.


Ukraine truce renewed at Munich security conference

Russia, Ukraine and allies agree to ensure peace in eastern Ukraine as Kremlin indirectly recognises breakaway regions.


'Donetsk People's Republic' seeks sense of nationhood

Self-proclaimed breakaway region teaches children about citizenship and issues passports as it aspires to recognition.

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Avdiivka, evacuating again as fighting escalates

Civilians in Avdiivka wonder if they will survive the cold nights and random, incessant shelling.


Ukraine as testing ground for Kremlin-Trump 'dialogue'

If Ukraine turns away from the Minsk Agreement, there will be no Western leverage to put pressure on Russia.

by Halya Coynash

Inside Story

Is Russia testing Donald Trump in eastern Ukraine?

Pro-Russian separatists and government troops blame each other for increasing ceasefire violations.

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Losing everything in Avdiivka

As violence escalates in Eastern Ukraine front, one family copes with losing their livelihood in the shelling.


Ukraine: Who controls what

A map showing which areas are controlled by the government and pro-Russian rebels.


Ukraine: Civilians caught in crossfire as clashes rage

Thousands without heating or electricity in town of Avdiivka as Ukrainian troops and rebels remain locked in fighting.


Civilians killed as eastern Ukraine clashes intensify

Friday's fatalities bring total death toll of latest wave of violence to 34 after relative calm in 33-month war.


NATO calls on Russia to stop violence in Ukraine

NATO chief says Russia must end the violence as both sides move heavy artillery close to front line.


Ukraine: Tensions high after 'worst fighting in months'

Ukrainian troops and pro-Russia rebels locked in three days of deadly violence, leaving thousands with no heat or water.