New life for South Sudan refugees in Nyumanzi, Uganda

Border town in Uganda where many refugees have found sanctuary and a possibility of a new life.


Former LRA warlord denies war crimes in ICC trial

Dominic Ongwen faces charges of rape, murder, forced marriage and the use of child soldiers.


Living with HIV: 'There is nothing to fear'

Wilson Bukenya was born with HIV. He lost his parents to Aids when he was two. Now he refuses to be afraid of the virus.


Death toll rises in Uganda tribal clash with police

A total of 87 bodies recovered after fighting between police and a militia loyal to a tribal king over the weekend.


At least 62 dead as Uganda moves against tribal king

Police and militia clash after government says King Mumbere's guards were training with separatist group.


Clashes kill scores in restive Ugandan kingdom

Ugandan tribal king distances himself from unrest as his royal guards are accused of participating in attacks on police.

Human Rights

Eritrean refugees in Israel sent to Uganda and Rwanda

Do refugees have a choice in Israel's continued policy of transferring African arrivals to third countries?


Uganda: Eradicating river blindness one fly at a time

Transmission of disease occurs in only 9 of 36 Ugandan districts since eradication efforts began.


Animation: The fly catchers fighting river blindness

Meet the Ugandan men eliminating river blindness one fly at a time.

Humanitarian crises

UN refugees and migrants summit: All talk, no action

For now, these summits risk being but a half-hearted beginning to help those millions of people forced to flee.

by Winnie Byanyima

Democratic Republic of Congo

Scores 'hacked to death' in machete attack in DR Congo

At least 64 bodies recovered near Beni town in North Kivu, but local authorities warn death toll could rise.

South Sudan

S Sudan refugees: 'We just want our future to be good'

More than 70,000 South Sudanese have crossed the border with Uganda since fighting erupted last month.


Disney movie sparks a chess boom in Uganda

Katwe is one of the largest slums in Uganda and the scene of an unlikely chess revolution.

South Sudan

Ugandan army crosses into S Sudan to evacuate citizens

A heavily armed Ugandan military convoy has crossed into South Sudan to evacuate citizens trapped by fighting.


A father's battle to protect his children with albinism

Uganda: 'When my first son with albinism was born...I didn't know what to think, but I immediately decided to love him.'