Middle East

Istanbul nightclub attack suspect 'confesses': official

Governor of Istanbul says Abdulgadir Masharipov, who was captured on Monday, admitted to killing 39 on New Year's Eve.

Middle East

Istanbul club attack suspect caught

Man suspected of killing 39 people in Reina nightclub captured in apartment in Esenyurt district, say Turkish media.


Turkey's constitutional reform: All you need to know

Supporters say the constitutional reform will bring stability, but critics believe it may 'lead to a one-man rule'.

Middle East

Roadside blast targets police in Turkey's Diyarbakir

Explosion targets armoured vehicle carrying riot police in Kurdish-majority province, killing at least four officers.


Cyprus talks stall over fate of Turkish troops

Greece urges Turkish troops to leave Cyprus, while Ankara insists full pull-out of its troops is "out of the question".

Middle East

Turkey offers citizenship to foreign property buyers

People who invest in Turkey, including buying properties worth $1m or creating 100 jobs, will be offered citizenship.


Cyprus deal 'close' but don't expect 'miracles': UN

UN chief hopes for a breakthrough but says major work remains on how to implement and guarantee a final settlement.


Talks 'on track' to reach a solution to Cyprus dispute

Maps on territorial claims are exchanged in Geneva, as UN chief travels there to attend peace talks.

Inside Story

Bid to reunite divided Cyprus?

Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders hold talks to try to resolve a dispute that has frustrated diplomats for decades.

War & Conflict

'Date set' for Syria peace talks in Kazakhstan

Russia reportedly confirms date for upcoming Syria negotiations in Kazakhstan's capital amid concerns over participants.

Middle East

How far is Russia willing to go in Syria?

Russia seems intent on a political solution in Syria but it will have to press Assad harder to accept it.

by Yezid Sayigh

War & Conflict

Police kill attacker in Turkey's Gaziantep

Local news reports say clashes erupt in front of city's police station, with suicide bomber shot dead during attack.


Winter digs in across Central and Eastern Europe

Snow storms and blizzards cause travel chaos across Italy, the Balkans and much of Turkey.

Middle East

Turkey dismisses thousands more over failed coup

Another 6,000 people sacked and dozens of associations closed over alleged links to July coup plotters.

Middle East

Erdogan offers citizenship to Syrian and Iraqi refugees

President Erdogan says some refugees who pass screenings will be granted nationality to "make use" of their skills.