Montagnards: Escaping Vietnam, stateless in Thailand

In the heart of Bangkok, a small community says it is escaping religious persecution by the Vietnamese authorities.

Asia Pacific

Thailand activist faces jail after mocking PM's ballad

Campaigner took to Facebook to rate military leader's song on 'returning happiness' and could be jailed three years.


Swiss man suspected of abusing 80 boys in Thailand

Suspect admits to taking thousands of pornographic pictures of boys but denies other charges, including molestation.


Thai temple standoff, thousands refuse to leave

A tense standoff continues at a Buddhist temple outside the capital Bangkok. Police and soldiers have surrounded the complex demanding the former abbot turn himself in to face corruption charges.

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Thai prisons violate human rights, report says

Prison conditions contravene UN treaties barring torture and stipulating minimum prisoner rights, group says.

Reporter's Notebook

Dhammakaya temple and Thailand's saffron resistance

A massive search for the former abbot of a temple who is wanted to face charges could spark a battle between old political rivals.


Thai police blocked during hunt for monk

Followers of Buddhist Dhammakaya Temple defy orders to evacuate premise amid search for monk wanted for corruption.

rebel education

Inspiring Science: Building Thailand's Future

Can innovative science education turn Thai students into agents of change and boost the country's economy?


Thailand sets up reconciliation panel ahead of polls

Main political parties say they are open to reconciliation but question neutrality under military administration.


Severe flooding leaves 30 dead in southern Thailand

Torrential rain causes floods and mudslides across Thailand’s southern provinces affecting more than a million people.


18 dead as torrential rains submerge Thailand's south

Heavy downpours and flooding ravages southern provinces with more than 700,000 affected over the past week.


Thailand legislator: General election will be delayed

Politician says vote likely to be held in 2018 to pass election laws for democratic transition from military rule.


Road accident kills 25 people in Thailand

Two toddlers among the victims of crash involving a minivan and a pick-up truck during so-called Seven Deadly Days.

Arts & Culture

Winning big in Thailand's rhinoceros beetle matches

Gamblers place bets as beetles fight over a female. Loser beetles are released, victors continue fighting.


Anger as Facebook safety feature raises false alarm

Thai users alerted to Bangkok "explosion" that caused no damage or injuries as social media giant triggers safety check.