18 dead as torrential rains submerge Thailand's south

Heavy downpours and flooding ravages southern provinces with more than 700,000 affected over the past week.


Thailand legislator: General election will be delayed

Politician says vote likely to be held in 2018 to pass election laws for democratic transition from military rule.


Road accident kills 25 people in Thailand

Two toddlers among the victims of crash involving a minivan and a pick-up truck during so-called Seven Deadly Days.

Arts & Culture

Winning big in Thailand's rhinoceros beetle matches

Gamblers place bets as beetles fight over a female. Loser beetles are released, victors continue fighting.


Anger as Facebook safety feature raises false alarm

Thai users alerted to Bangkok "explosion" that caused no damage or injuries as social media giant triggers safety check.


Bangkok cleans up its act

City once notorious globally for its thick blanket of smog now outperforms San Francisco, Melbourne, Paris and Berlin.


Thailand stands by crackdown on 'illegal' news

After furore over BBC piece, official said any news deemed harmful to new King will be considered criminal.

Special series

Thailand: In the Footsteps of the King

A look at the life and legacy of Thailand's King Bhumibol and the challenges facing his successor.


Deadly floods hit southern Thailand

Several days of torrential rain have resulted in the deaths of at least eight people.


Crown prince Vajiralongkorn becomes Thailand's new king

The 64-year-old succeeds his much-revered father who died 50 days ago following a 70-year reign.


Thailand's crown prince to be proclaimed King Rama X

Maha Vajiralongkorn returns from Germany for rite but coronation will take place next year after his father's cremation.


Thailand invites crown prince to become new king

Parliament asks Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn to take the throne six weeks after his father was laid to rest.


The animal smugglers

Techknow investigates the shadowy world of animal smugglers and the endangered species they put at risk.


Thais flock to Grand Palace to pay respects to late king

Thousands of black-clad mourners visit revered King Bhumibol Adulayadej's coffin in the Grand Palace.


Deadly explosion hits Thailand's Pattani province

One person killed and 18 others wounded following a blast in country's restive southern region near Malaysian border.