Burundi accused of hunting refugees in Tanzania camps

Government denies claims it is sending armed agents to UN-run refugee camps to kidnap and kill opposition supporters.

Wild Animals

Five Tanzanians arrested after British pilot killed

President denounces killing of conservationist after his helicopter was shot down by elephant poachers.

Humanitarian crises

Thousands infected in Tanzania cholera outbreak

At least 222 are dead, while reported cases have risen to 14,303 since August as government battles to contain disease.

War & Conflict

Escaping Burundi: Life in refuge

Burundians displaced by continued violence persevere in cramped and under-supplied Tanzanian refugee camps.

Humanitarian crises

Unaccompanied child refugees flee Burundi

Feeling pressured to join in violent clashes between pro and anti-government forces, many Burundian children run.


Bah humbug in Tanzania as president cancels Xmas cards

'The Bulldozer' orders raft of cost-cutting measures, including Christmas cards, striking a chord with many Tanzanians.

War & Conflict

Burundi refugees: A life of displacement and despair

With the approach of heavy rains, refugees escaping violence in Burundi face more hardship in Tanzanian camps.


Zanzibar annuls recent election, new vote expected

Semi-autonomous islands' electoral commission cites 'violations', leading to government's poll annulment.


Tanzania: Fighting social stigma to prevent HIV spread

Staggering AIDS death toll has forced conservative Tanzania to help gay people long rejected by its health system.


'Democracy in Zanzibar at stake', vote observers warn

International community calls for clarity following the decision by the semi-autonomous archipelago to annul polls.


Tanzania ruling party candidate wins presidential vote

John Pombe Magufuli of the long-ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi wins with 58 percent, prompting opposition to reject result.


Tensions high in Zanzibar as authorities annul vote

Electoral commission of semi-autonomous archipelago says elections must be carried out again due to alleged violations.


Zanzibar opposition claims election victory

Opposition leader in the semi-autonomous island says he won 52 percent of votes as official tallying continues.


Tanzania's rulers face tough challenge from opposition

Poll could end 54-year rule of country's CCM party as several opposition parties unite behind former PM Lowassa.


Tanzania election: The view from the street

Al Jazeera talks to voters to gauge who will win Sunday's close election and why.