Tajik Islamist leaders face 30 years to life in prison

Sixteen leaders of banned Islamic Renaissance Party are accused of conspiring to bring down the country's government.


Tajikistan shaves 13,000 beards in 'radicalism' battle

Police says more than 160 shops selling headscarves are also closed as part of a fight against "foreign" influences.


Tajikistan poised to slide back towards war

Analysts say Central Asian nation is under internal and external pressure after decades-long rule of Emomali Rahmon.


Tajikistan earthquake rocks Central Asia

Magnitude 7.2 earthquake hits Tajikistan, sending mild tremors across northern Pakistan and India.

Civil war

Trouble in Tajikistan

Analysts say the banning of a moderate Islamist party could unravel the country's post-civil war order.

War & Conflict

Tajikistan forces stage deadly offensive against rebels

Thirteen rebels killed a day after group allegedly led by ex-deputy defence minister attacks police posts.


Tajik policemen killed in attacks on state buildings

Attacks that killed eight officers blamed on group allegedly linked to the country's opposition Islamic Revival Party.

Business & Economy

Tajik farmers prosper from Russia sanctions

As Moscow seeks alternative foodstuffs due to Western sanctions over Ukraine, Tajiks take opportunity to fill the gap.

Arts & Culture

On books and their destiny

Are older books non-functional relics - merely sights to behold?

by Hamid Dabashi


Afghans struggle to settle down in Tajikistan

About 4,000 Afghans migrated to Tajikistan for a safer life, but many of them are forced to live on fringes of society.

Human Rights

Tajik student freed, but charges linger

Alexander Sodiqov, a student arrested for treason in Tajikistan, has been released - but charges have not been dropped.


Migration of men leaves Tajik women unmarried

Poverty and lack of jobs forces nearly one million men to migrate to Russia each year, hindering matchmaking chances.


Russia, Iran and China begin security talks

Meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation comes ahead of withdrawal of Western forces from Afghanistan.

US & Canada

Outcry over student arrested in Tajikistan

PhD student arrested while researching conflict management in the Central Asian country, now faces treason charges.

US & Canada

How is the Ukraine crisis affecting Central Asia?

The annexation of Crimea and the ongoing conflict in East Ukraine is causing much anxiety within Central Asian states.

by Ryskeldi Satke
- Franco Galdini