Trump era has Beijing on edge

Donald Trump's exchange with Taiwan's leader broke with nearly four decades of the 'one China' policy.

by J Berkshire Miller

United States

Trump's Taiwan call opens questions about his Asia agenda

US president-elect's direct contact with President Tsai might be hinting at changes in Washington's China policy.

Donald Trump

Trump speaks to Taiwan's leader, angering China

President-elect speaks with Taiwan' leader in a break from the US' "one China" policy triggering protest from Beijing.

Business & Economy

China: Soon the most visible victim of deglobalisation

China's exports are falling and millions of jobs are at risk.

by Salvatore Babones


Typhoon Megi hits Taiwan, killing at least 4

Third typhoon in two weeks hits island nation with heavy rains and damaging winds, injuring hundreds of Taiwanese.


Strongest storm of the year strikes eastern China

Meranti, the third most violent typhoon on record, brings strong winds and rain to coastal cities as Taiwan cleans up.


Super Typhoon Meranti: 2016's most powerful cyclone

Catastrophic typhoon grazes Taiwan but has China in its sights.


Rocky Taiwan-China relations roil tourism industry

New president's stance on independence from China and territory disputes affecting life on the self-ruled island.


Typhoon Nepartak rips through Taiwan

Wind and wave damage leave 400,000 without power and two dead after the first typhoon of the year.


Typhoon Nepartak is heading for Taiwan - and it's huge

Sandbags are being stacked and boats remain in harbour as inhabitants brace themselves for super typhoon's arrival.

Asia Pacific

Taiwan fires missile by mistake, killing fisherman

Supersonic anti-ship missile launched accidentally fired towards China comes down in Taiwanese waters.


China cuts communication channel with Taiwan

Decision attributed to island's refusal to recognise "one China" principle as tensions rise between the two governments.


China official attacks Taiwan's leader for being single

Article on Chinese state media says Taiwan's female president has an "extremist" style because she is unmarried.

Inside Story

Can Taiwan's president maintain stable China relations?

Taiwan's Tsai Ing-wen has called for independence in the past, worrying some in China.


Taiwan gets first female president

New president calls for Taipei and Beijing to "set aside the baggage of history" in her inaugural address.