Swiss lawmakers approve step towards face-veil ban

Plan pushed by right-wing Swiss People's Party, which led a successful campaign to outlaw new minarets in 2009.


Swiss voters back controversial surveillance law

New bill allows intelligence service to tap phones and computer networks of cyber criminals and "terror" suspects.

Human Rights

Italy to set up camp for refugees shut out by the Swiss

A Swiss clampdown has left hundreds of people sleeping in parks the Italian border town of Como.


Is it time for Universal Basic Income?

Swiss Senator Andrea Caroni debates with expert Dylan Matthews on the pros and cons of guaranteed income for all.


Swiss voters 'reject basic income grant for all'

National projections suggest voters rejected proposal to provide universal basic income grant to all citizens.

Inside Story

Should governments provide a minimum wage for everyone?

Swiss voters have rejected the idea of a basic income for everyone, but what will happen if other countries approve it?


Swiss police raid UEFA as offshore tax scandal spreads

Europe football body scoured for contract mentioned in the Panama Papers with broadcast rights allegedly sold for cheap.

Counting the Cost

France's labour reforms: Pro-business or pro-worker?

We take a look at France's high unemployment rate and explore who will benefit from the proposed labour law reforms.


Swiss citizens reject plan to expel foreign criminals

Citizens vote against plan to deport foreigners for minor offences, including drug possession and false testimony.


Swiss say $4bn may be missing from Malaysia state fund

Investigators believe funds earmarked for social development projects could have been stolen as scandal deepens.


Mosquito-borne Zika virus 'spreading explosively'

World Health Organization expects infection of up to four million people as agency assesses level of global emergency.


Swiss Muslim probed over interview with Syrian rebel

Head of Islamic organisation's multimedia department faces criminal investigation over documentaries on Syria conflict.


2015: The story of sport's scandalous year

From match-fixing to doping, 2015 has been a painful and turbulent year for sport - but there is a glimmer of hope.


Swiss police arrest two Syrians with explosives

Two Syrians detained in Geneva amid a heightened alert over the threat of 'terrorism'.


Fresh arrests made in FIFA corruption scandal

Swiss police raid luxury hotel in central Zurich over allegations officials accepted "bribes of millions of dollars".