Swaziland High Court jails government critics

Judge jails editor and rights lawyer for two years over articles critical of government and judiciary to deter others.


S Africa delays 'Prime Evil' parole decision

A decision on possible parole for apartheid death-squad leader Eugene de Kock to be made within a year.


US cuts Swaziland from lucrative trade pact

Country dropped from African Growth and Opportunity Act over its crackdowns on protesters.

Business & Economy

Swaziland's reserves dwindle to $790,000

Kingdom's official reserves will cover only four months of vital imports, central bank estimates.


Polygamy bill allows Kenyan men many wives

Kenya's parliament passed a bill allowing men to have a limitless number of wives, irritating women's rights groups.


Gambia severs diplomatic ties with Taiwan

Gambia is the second African state to announce a change in its diplomatic relationship with Taiwan this week.


African intellectuals ponder peace prospects

Analysts believe the continent is moving past stereotypes around conflict but governance problems continue.


Swaziland: liberal democracy and its discontents

Swazis want reform, but do they want a multi-party system?

by Vito Laterza


Swaziland elects new faces for an old order

The king continues to choose the prime minister, but some cabinet ministers were ousted in a push for change.


Voices from Swaziland

Voters discuss their king and the country's controversial electoral process.


Swaziland tallies results in disputed polls

Final results are expected on Saturday, one day after the voting for 55 seats in parliament.


Activists call Swazi election a 'selection'

The prime minister must be chosen by the king, leading some opposition groups to boycott Friday's vote.


Swaziland bans underage marriages

Tribal leaders contend that new law preventing child brides departs from traditional customs.