Sudan Refugees: Tension Rising with South Sudanese

In South Sudan, life is becoming increasingly tough for refugees from the north. The refugees, who fled their homes in the north of Sudan to escape the civil war, are having to share limited resources with South Sudanese.

South Sudan

South Sudan's warring sides allege truce breaches

Just hours after ceasefire came into effect, rebels and government forces accuse one another of ceasefire violations.

South Sudan: Army and rebels allege truce breaches

South Sudan

South Sudan leaders sign ceasefire agreement

Announcement of Addis Ababa deal is small comfort to South Sudanese civilians displaced by fighting and living in Kenya.


IGAD holds fresh South Sudan peace talks in Ethiopia

The talks hope to revive and revise peace deal signed in 2015, but South Sudan has been at war for much of its existence, with nearly a quarter of its population displaced.


One last push to end South Sudan's deadly civil war

Renewed negotiations, guided by the people of South Sudan, can bring genuine and long-lasting peace to the country.

Winnie Byanyima

by Winnie Byanyima

Winnie Byanyima

South Sudan

South Sudan: Widows of war turn to beauty salon for survival

They are among the thousands who are the sole breadwinners, after their husbands were killed during the country's devastating four-year conflict.


Women with mouths taped shut demand end to S Sudan war

Hundreds of women take to the streets of the capital, Juba, to call for an end to the country's devastating war.

Women take to streets to demand end to South Sudan war

South Sudan

Landmines threaten civilians in South Sudan

Landmines and unexploded bombs are still being discovered in residential and farming areas in South Sudan.

Salva Kiir

South Sudan's Kiir in Khartoum to discuss borders

President Salva Kiir's visit to Sudan is aimed at resolving border disputes, oil revenues, and security issues.

South Sudan's Kiir in Khartoum to discuss borders

War & Conflict

South Sudan: Nikki Haley visits refugee camp in a call for peace

The US ambassador to the United Nations has been evacuated from a UN camp for displaced people in South Sudan, after security guards fired tear gas at protesters demonstrating against President Salva Kiir.

Humanitarian crises

Seeking shelter in war-torn South Sudan

Many South Sudanese, including the Shilluk tribe, have been displaced several times amid the ongoing conflict.

Seeking shelter in war-torn South Sudan

Business & Economy

Oil-rich South Sudan faces fuel shortage crisis

With no functioning power grid, fuel from the black market is the only option - but at a cost that many in the country with the third largest oil reserves in Africa cannot afford.