New life for South Sudan refugees in Nyumanzi, Uganda

Border town in Uganda where many refugees have found sanctuary and a possibility of a new life.

War & Conflict

South Sudan denies UN allegations of 'ethnic cleansing'

President Kiir says 'no such thing' after UN reports massacres, starvation, gang rape, and destruction of villages.

South Sudan

'Another Rwanda': UN sounds alarm over South Sudan

Fighting between government and rebels has seen deliberate starvation, gang rape, and the burning of villages.

Humanitarian crises

Save South Sudan from destroying itself

Urgent action is needed by the UN and the international community to stop the violence in South Sudan.

by Peter Biar Ajak
- Kuoth Wiel

South Sudan

South Sudan agrees to deploy regional protection force

The decision comes after months of hesitation by South Sudan after soaring violence erupted in Juba in July.

South Sudan

Starvation threat numbers soar in South Sudan

Up to one million people to join almost five million already facing starvation as civil war spreads to rural areas.

South Sudan

Japanese peacekeepers arrive in South Sudan

Licensed for combat, new contingent of Japanese peacekeepers allowed to use force to protect UN staff and aid workers.

South Sudan

US seeks to impose UN arms embargo on South Sudan

Diplomat says UN special adviser's warning about ethnic hatred's "potential for genocide" should serve as wake-up call.

South Sudan

Dozen killed in South Sudan clashes

Fighting reportedly erupted between military forces and fighters loyal to former vice president Machar in Unity State.

South Sudan

Fears after Kenya deports South Sudan rebel spokesman

UN says sending the registered refugee back to home country where he faces risk of abuse breaches international law.

South Sudan

Kenya withdraws troops from UN mission in South Sudan

Kenya's foreign ministry blames UN for July violence in Juba, after UN chief sacks Kenyan peacekeeping force commander.

South Sudan

UN mission in South Sudan 'failed to protect civilians'

UN chief sacks peacekeeping force commander as troops are accused of failing to protect civilians during July's clashes.

South Sudan

South Sudan spends budget on fighting as people starve

Roughly 60 percent of the world's newest country faces hunger at levels described as "crisis" or "emergency" by UN.

South Sudan

UN: South Sudan unrest rises amid Kiir's death rumours

Conflict increasing throughout the country as government dismisses reports of President Silva Kiir's death.


South Sudan and the unifying power of sport

Sports teams bring together athletes from communities torn apart by South Sudan's ongoing civil war.