S Korea to summon ex-president Park in corruption case

Local media says recently impeached Park Geun-Hye will be questioned as a criminal suspect over corruption charges.

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South Koreans hope for change under new president

Liberal and conservative parties in South Korea are looking ahead to elections a day after impeached President Park Guen-hye left the official residence.

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South Korea: Ousted Park Geun-hye vacates official residence

South Korea's ex-president Park Geun-Hye has left the presidential residence, two days after her impeachment was upheld by the constitutional court.

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South Korea's ousted leader leaves presidential palace

Park Geun-hye leaves Blue House after Constitutional Court removes her from office after massive corruption scandal.

Park Geun-hye

South Korea's next leader will face intense challenges

Park Geun-hye's sacking may be seen as a triumph of democracy, but the pressure will soon mount on her replacement.

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Critics of S Korea's ousted Park call for her arrest

Opponents demand arrest of ex-president Park Geun-hye, who has yet to react after impeachment following bribery scandal.

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The future of South Korea after Park Geun-hye

What will happen now that the country's highest court has upheld the impeachment and ouster of President Park Geun-hye?

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South Korea president ousted over corruption scandal

Celebrations after court upholds President Park Geun-hye's impeachment, but two die after protests against her removal.

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South Korea: The day Park Geun-hye was ousted

Thousands celebrate removal of South Korean leader, while supporters storm court leaving two protesters dead.

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Two die in protest over dismissal of South Korean president

South Korea's constitutional court has upheld the impeachment of President Park Geun-Hye over a corruption scandal involving politicians and big business. Park's dismissal has divided South Korean society across political and generational lines.

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The impeachment of Park Geun-hye

Park's long-term friend Choi Soon-sil was the centre of the scandal that also implicated Samsung's Lee Jae-yong.

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South Korean President Park permanently dismissed from office

South Korea's constitutional court has ruled to uphold a parliamentary decision to impeach Park. She is accused of allowing a close friend to influence government policy and profiting from her connection to the president's office.

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Profile: South Korea's Park Geun-hye

The 65-year-old politician's career has been marked by tragedy, triumph and a scandal that led to her eventual downfall.

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How South Korea's president fell: A day-by-day look

Key developments in a tumultuous stretch in South Korean politics that led to the stunning downfall of President Park.

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South Korean court to rule on president's impeachment

South Korea's Constitutional Court will rule on President Park Geun-Hye's impeachment on Friday. Park is accused of violating her constitutional duty by colluding with a friend to take favours. She denies any wrongdoing.