Rebels kill S African peacekeeper and policeman in DRC

Clashes between security forces and rebel fighters come amid rising tension as President Kabila's mandate runs out.


The Poachers Pipeline: Exposing wildlife trafficking

Our panellists discuss The Poachers Pipeline, Al Jazeera's investigation into the illegal rhino horn trade.


Cape Town slave descendants share stories of strength

An exhibit on South Africa's history of slavery helps a new generation understand their heritage.

South Africa

South Africa's move to quit ICC challenged in court

Democratic Alliance opposition party challenges government over move to withdraw from International Criminal Court.


South Africa launches major new trial of AIDS vaccine

A highly efficient vaccine would be a "game-changer", but results of the new trials will take years, scientists say.

Inside Story

Will South Africa's Jacob Zuma hang on to power?

There were calls from within the ruling ANC party for Zuma to resign amid public outrage over corruption accusations.

South Africa

South Africa's Zuma survives another no-confidence vote

At least four ministers from the ruling ANC party had bid to oust South Africa's scandal-plagued president.

South Africa

South Africa's Zuma facing another no-confidence vote

Reports say at least three cabinet ministers turn against South Africa's beleaguered president in a scheduled meeting.

South Africa

Why South Africa's plan to boost breast-feeding fails

South Africa's low breast-feeding rates are of concern as infant mortality is increasing.

South Africa

S Africa probes minister's links to rhino smuggling

Police launch investigation after Al Jazeera report raises serious questions about South African security chief.

South Africa

Coffin-assault accused appear in South Africa court

Protests erupt in Middelburg after widely circulated video clip shows two white men forcing a black man into a coffin.

South Africa

South Africa: Whites stuff black man into a coffin

Two white men face assault charges after a video hit social media showing a black man being forced into a coffin.


Questions over Vietnam's role in wildlife trafficking

Deborah Davis reports from a wildlife conference at The Hague on the illegal trade in ivory and rhino horn.

South Africa

South African minister denies rhino poaching allegation

Security chief David Mahlobo issues statement refuting Al Jazeera report on his alleged ties to wildlife trafficker.


A bloody gift in the shape of a souvenir: Rhino horn

Rhino horn smugglers try to stay one step ahead of the authorities.