South Africa

Ahmed Kathrada: The Robben Island diaries

An interview with the veteran of the anti-apartheid struggle and friend of Nelson Mandela who has died at the age of 87.


Watergrabbing - A Story of Water

On World Water Day we look at how the inequitable distribution and control of water resources affects the lives of ordinary people living in Cambodia, South Africa, Ethiopia and Palestine


Cape Town looks to tap into waste water

The city of Cape Town in South Africa is facing its worst water shortage in years. Dam levels have dropped to below 30 percent after two years of the lowest rainfall on record.


South Africa: Cape Town gentrification destroys lives of the poor

Property developers buying and renovating old buildings are driving up prices and rents. Some poor families in Cape Town face being moved out, and it's evoking painful memories of apartheid in South Africa.


Outrage over S African politician's colonialism tweets

Former DA leader apologises for social media posts suggesting that the legacy of colonialism was not all negative.


Durban stripped of 2022 Commonwealth Games

South African officials have voiced their disappointment after Durban was stripped of the 2022 Commonwealth Games amid financial problems. It would have been the first African city to host an international multi-sport event.


South Africa launches hate crime unit with Nigeria

'Early warning' system established between two countries after spate of xenophobic attacks on migrants in South Africa.


South Africa's future in the ICC is still uncertain

S Africa's decision to revoke its notice of withdrawal from the ICC does not mean the matter is conclusively settled.

by Solomon Dersso


South Africa nurses step in to fill hospital shortages

Nurses are helping South Africa to overcome a medical emergency. They're being given greater powers to treat patients because there is a shortage of doctors.


Riders gear up for 40th Cape Town Cycle Tour

The world's largest timed cycle race kicks off in South Africa on Sunday. A total of 35,000 cyclists will take part in the 40th Cape Town Tour. The event is now a celebration of sport, but its origins are political.

South Africa

South Africa considers legalising rhino horn trade

Rhino poaching has reached record levels as the animals’ horns are prized in countries such as China and Vietnam, where they are kept as status symbols or used for traditional medicine.


South Africa police probe heist at Johannesburg airport

Thieves posing as police allegedly intercepted security guards as they were transporting money to a waiting aircraft.


S Africa's ICC withdrawal revoked after court ruling

UN treaty posts website notice saying that the South African government will no longer pursue ICC withdrawal.

Xenophobia Attacks

Xenophobic violence in the 'Rainbow' nation

In the post-apartheid South Africa, resurgence of xenophobic violence is a symptom of the deep leadership deficit.

by Jean Pierre Misago

Xenophobia Attacks

Homes and shops burned in anti-migrant S Africa attacks

Renewed anti-foreigner violence has raised fresh fears and uncertainty among members of migrant communities in S Africa.