South Africa: Farmers concerned over proposed land reform law

In South Africa, land is a key issue in the run-up to the ruling party's national conference in December. The African National Congress is proposing that land expropriation without compensation should be allowed where “necessary and unavoidable”.


Bus and truck collide in South Africa, 18 killed

Authorities investigate the cause of accident in Mpumalanga province, which also left at least 12 people injured.

South Africa crash: 18 killed as bus and truck collide

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A war of buzzwords in South Africa's media

We look at competing narratives and buzzwords echoing through the South African media landscape.

The Listening Post

Gulf crisis: Al Jazeera in the crosshairs

We examine what Al Jazeera symbolises in the GCC political crisis. Plus, a war of buzzwords in South Africa's media.

South Africa

South Africa’s ruling party dogged with criticism

Critics of South Africa’s president are expected to be out in force when the ruling African National Congress holds its policy conference this weekend. Jacob Zuma is under fire over corruption allegations and record unemployment levels.


South Africa: Government enforces eviction of illegal settlements

Long after the end of apartheid in South Africa, people are still facing state-sponsored evictions. Across the country, authorities are destroying shacks that were built because of a lack of available housing.


South Africa government blamed as millions live in shacks

South Africa is one of the largest industrial economies in Africa, but up to 10 million people live in shacks in informal settlements.


South Africa trial due to start over alleged racist attack

In South Africa, a trial is due to start for two white men who allegedly forced a black man into a coffin and threatened to pour petrol on him.


South Africa court allows secret Zuma confidence vote

Opposition hopes secret ballot will encourage members of President Jacob Zuma's ANC party to vote against him.


South Africa's growing craze for 'spinning'

Motorsport, increasingly popular in South Africa, has its roots in driving stolen cars during apartheid era.


'Mother of all storms' kills eight in South Africa

Winter storm unleashes heavy rain and wind on South African city, displacing thousands already coping with drought.

Storm kills several, displaces thousands in Cape Town


Surviving drought in South Africa

earthrise explores smart solutions for farming during drought.


Q&A: Jill Farrant on breeding drought-resistant crops

South African scientist Jill Farrant on how drought-tolerant "resurrection plants" could boost food security in Africa.


Food: Farming for the Future

earthrise looks at some innovative methods of sustainable farming and food production as climate change intensifies.


UK band Radiohead breaks silence on Israel concert

Thom Yorke says boycott sows division, but activists say remarks ignore 'apartheid conditions' Palestinians live under.

UK band Radiohead breaks silence on Israel concert


'Shower for two minutes', drought-hit Capetonians told

Authorities call on residents of South African city to limit showers to two minutes and flush toilets only if necessary.

Cape Town cuts back to survive 'stubborn' drought