At least 19 people killed by land mine in Somalia

Minibus runs over explosive device in Somalia's Lower Shebelle region, killing passengers including women and children.


Somalia leader declares country a 'war zone'

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has instructed the army to prepare a new offensive against al-Shabab.


Somalia: Seven killed in Mogadishu car bombing

A massive blast outside a coffee shop in Somalia's capital kills at least seven as a series of attacks continues.


Somali pirates hijack Indian commercial ship

Latest attack highlights increased piracy in the region after Somali pirates hijacked an oil tanker last month.


Why are African men and women still fleeing to Yemen?

The search for a better life continues to drive people from the Horn of Africa to Yemen.

by Idil Osman


Somalia faces major cholera outbreak

The United Nations has raised alarm over a major outbreak of cholera in southern Somalia. Aid groups are already scrambling to help people suffering from severe drought and mass malnutrition.


IGAD Summit: Refugee camp never meant to be permanent home

More than two million Somalis have been displaced since 1991 and the country now faces its third famine in 25 years.


Somalis return to Kenya to escape drought at home

As the Kenyan government moves to close the world’s biggest refugee camp in Dadaab, refugees are returning home to Somalia. But the drought in the country is also forcing others to flee back to camps in Kenya.


Somali leader pleads for help to avert famine

President urges the world to step up, highlighting the 2011 famine that killed 260,000 Somalis.

Al Jazeera World

A Somali in America

The story of Ali, a young Somali refugee in the US, who's now re-assessing his new life under the Trump presidency.


Car bomb kills at least 5 in Somalia's capital

Blast near the Presidential Palace in Mogadishu targeted a security checkpoint with soldiers among the dead.


UN: Millions on verge of famine in Somalia

The United Nations has warned that millions of Somalis are on the verge of famine due to a severe drought. It says $825m in urgent funding is needed in order to avert disaster.


Ending famine in Somalia, the Turkish way

As Somalia faces yet another famine, donors should learn from the successful aid model Turkey employed in the country.

by Afyare Abdi Elmi


Deadly attack on Somali refugees 'unacceptable'

Condemning deaths on boat off Yemeni port of Hodeidah, NGO official says civilian casualties could have been avoided.


Celebrities join forces on social media to help Somalia

Campaign to raise $1m to deliver humanitarian aid to country on the brink of famine gets massive public support.