Solomon Islands floods death toll rises

At least 16 people have died in the flooding, another 40 are missing, and tens of thousands have become homeless.


Deadly floods devastate Solomon Islands

At least 16 killed and dozens missing as flash flooding leaves 10,500 homeless in capital of Pacific nation.

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The Dolphin Hunters

We join an annual tribal dolphin hunt in the Solomon Islands and ask whether this ancient practice should be stopped.

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Everyday colonialism in Aotearoa New Zealand

Current student support initiatives do not address experiences of colonisation and racialisation in universities.

by David Mayeda
- Robyn Lesatele


Awesome Aussie weather

While spring has been slow to arrive in the northern hemisphere, autumn has struggled to break through in the south


Rescuers bid to reach tsunami-hit Solomons

At least nine people reported killed by tidal wave as aftershocks continue to hit South Pacific archipelago.


Deadly tsunami hits Solomon Islands

At least five people killed after 8.0-earthquake struck near Santa Cruz islands, triggering warnings across Pacific.


Solomon Islands hit by storm

Four days of torrential rain cause widespread flooding.

Human Rights

British royals to sue over topless photos

Palace says images in a French magazine of Prince William's wife, Kate Middleton, are a "grotesque" breach of privacy.

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WikiLeaks' obvious truth

People must seek to protect not only WikiLeaks, but also the mechanism by which the information enters into our purview.

by NAJ Taylor


UN chief urges Turkey and Israel to fix ties

Call comes after Turkey expelled Israeli envoys in protest against Tel Aviv's refusal to apologise for deadly ship raid.


Cyclone Atu batters Vanuatu islands

The latest tropical storm is set to wreak havoc on the archipelago off the northeast coast of Australia.