Human Rights

Slovenia expands army authority to stem refugee influx

Parliament passes law to enable troops to help guard border as record number of refugees seek to pass through country.

Human Rights

Slovenia to deploy army to help stem influx of refugees

Parliament expected to amend laws to enable soldiers to help guard border after drastic rise in refugee influx.

Human Rights

Slovenia to slow refugee flow over fears of bottleneck

Ljubljana says it will only process up to 2,500 refugees a day to ease pressure on both its own and Austria's borders.


Slovenia receives refugees after Hungary border closure

Croatian authorities transfer hundreds more refugees to Slovenia after Hungary closes its frontier with Croatia.


Refugees enter Slovenia after Hungary closes border

Buses and refugees on foot en route to northern Europe directed west from Croatia as Hungary seals off southern border.

Human Rights

Refugees stuck at Croatia's border with Slovenia

Hundreds demanding entry to Slovenia from Croatia en route to Western Europe stranded in a stretch of no-man's land.

Humanitarian crises

Croatia 'forcing' Hungary to take in refugees

An estimated 8,000 refugees have crossed into Hungary from the Croatian border after taking a detour from Serbia.


Fish Net Fashion

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Sharapova through, Ivanovic crashes out

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Defying Poland's restrictive abortion law

Left to their own devices, tens of thousands of Polish women travel abroad to terminate unwanted pregnancies.


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