Traore inspires Burkina Faso

Ten-man Burkina Faso end their long wait for an Africa Cup of Nations win putting four past a helpless Ethiopia.

US & Canada

Tough Talk for America: A Guide to the Presidential Debates

There are five big things people are not going to hear about in the upcoming presidential debates, explains Kramer.

by Mattea Kramer


Zimbabwe court halts prime minister's wedding

Court prevents PM Morgan Tsvangirai from getting married, claiming he is still married to his ex-lover.


Madagascar leader to meet ousted predecessor

President Andry Rajoelina arrives in Seychelles to meet rival Marc Ravalomanana in bid to ease political crisis.


Madagascar army 'retakes' camp after mutiny

Two killed, including alleged head of rebellion, as army takes back control of military camp from mutinous soldiers.


Seychelles locking up convicted pirates

Indian Ocean nation shows willingness to prosecute and jail bandits on the high seas.


Fighting pirates in paradise

Attacks at sea threaten tourism and fishing industries in the Seychelles, one of the few states to jail pirates.

Inside Story Americas

What is behind Obama's new Africa strategy?

As the US increases covert military operations across Africa, we ask if Washington can lecture Africans about democracy.


'US expanding spying network' in Africa

Unmarked planes with sensors being flown between secret air bases and bush strips for surveillance, says report.


Obama turns super-hawk

Stealing George W Bush's playbook, Obama has decided to repackage himself as a tough guy in the war against terror.

by Danny Schechter


Chagos: The heart of an American empire?

The shameful history of the island's local populations' expulsion continues to hang heavily over the UK and the US.

by Sarmila Bose

Humanitarian crises

Stricken cruise ship arrives in Seychelles

Cruise ship with 1,000 passengers and crew aboard arrives in port under tow after three days at sea without power.

Humanitarian crises

Crippled cruise ship crawls into Seychelles

Helicopters drop food, torches and satellite phones onto the crippled ship as it is towed port on Mahe island.