Reporter's Notebook

Senegal's cancer patients struggle for treatment

Patients have nowhere to turn after the country's only radiation therapy machine stopped functioning in 2016.

Arts & Culture

From love to politics, comic uses humour to spur change

Senegalese comedian and radio show host Marieme Faye uses the power of satire to address sensitive social issues.


Inside the African Union race: Why the favourites lost

How did Kenya's Amina and Senegal's Bathily lose the election for African Union Commission chairperson?

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Netanyahu rejects 'shameful' UN vote on settlements

Israel also recalls ambassadors to New Zealand and Senegal after UNSC votes for resolution urging end of settlements.

Human Rights

Animation: What is Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)?

FGM, or cutting, is the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia. Watch the explainer animation.


Senegal: Son of ex-president released from prison

Karim Wade reportedly flown to Qatar after being granted presidential pardon despite corruption charges.

FGM in Africa

How to stop FGM: A lesson from Senegal

In Senegal, rappers, activists, and members of the communities where it happens are uniting to stop the cut.


Senegal's handicrafts: Made in China?

Cheaper Chinese-made products may soon eclipse locally made traditional crafts.

Arts & Culture

Shakespeare helps tackle social issues in Senegal

Theatre troupe in Dakar adapts one of its plays to discuss child marriage, which continues to be a problem.


Returning home to Senegal as EU deal takes effect

Story of one man who was refused a visa to extend his stay in Italy as Africa takes first steps to implement agreements.

Middle East

Syrian engineer opts for Senegal over EU 'prison'

Engineer-turned-perfumer left his home on the outskirts of Damascus in search of a better life in West Africa.


Senegal votes to cut two years off presidential term

Reforms put forward in referendum will see the maximum period for a president in office cut from seven to five years.

Humanitarian crises

Europe or die

10 years ago a large group of West Africans tried to cross into Europe via Spain’s Canary Islands. Even though this route is now sealed off, the youngest generation of fishermen in Kayar still dreams of reaching Europe.

Reporter's Notebook

Senegal's anti-FGM campaigner: 'My child won't be cut'

Activists in the W African country raise awareness among children and adults about risks of centuries-old tradition.

Science & Technology

Einstein forum aims to stem Africa brain drain

Top scientists, policymakers and entrepreneurs gather for landmark conference in Senegal to encourage research.