Arts & Culture

Shakespeare helps tackle social issues in Senegal

Theatre troupe in Dakar adapts one of its plays to discuss child marriage, which continues to be a problem.


Returning home to Senegal as EU deal takes effect

Story of one man who was refused a visa to extend his stay in Italy as Africa takes first steps to implement agreements.

Middle East

Syrian engineer opts for Senegal over EU 'prison'

Engineer-turned-perfumer left his home on the outskirts of Damascus in search of a better life in West Africa.


Senegal votes to cut two years off presidential term

Reforms put forward in referendum will see the maximum period for a president in office cut from seven to five years.

Humanitarian crises

Europe or die

10 years ago a large group of West Africans tried to cross into Europe via Spain’s Canary Islands. Even though this route is now sealed off, the youngest generation of fishermen in Kayar still dreams of reaching Europe.

FGM in Africa

Senegal's anti-FGM campaigner: 'My child won't be cut'

Activists in the W African country raise awareness among children and adults about risks of centuries-old tradition.

Science & Technology

Einstein forum aims to stem Africa brain drain

Top scientists, policymakers and entrepreneurs gather for landmark conference in Senegal to encourage research.

Arts & Culture

Africa gets first platform for legal music downloads

Youssou N'Dour and Baaba Maal among 200 artists signed up by MusikBi, which says it wants to promote African musicians.


Cartoon of Muslim leader removed after handbag row

Jeune Afrique apologises after caricature of Mouride Brotherhood founder sparks outrage in Senegal.


Fished out in Senegal: A day aboard the Mansor Sakho

Seining for food on a West African pirogue.


Senegal considers veil ban as Boko Haram fears escalate

Government plans to outlaw full-body veils spark debate in majority-Muslim country.


African stories told by Africans using manga animations

Tired of telling stories of other people's cultures, a Senegalese animator has moved home to develop homegrown mangas.

Arts & Culture

Senegal art village hope to attract world designers

In remote countryside, The Thread aspires to inspire local villagers and attract designers from across the world.


Wildlife poachers caught before a kill in Senegal

Al Jazeera's Nicolas Haque joins rangers trying to protect threatened species, including the West African lion.


Senegal imam calls for 'green jihad'

Muslim leader urges practitioners to abide by Islamic edicts of fighting pollution and preserving the environment.