Guantanamo Bay

Yemeni Guantanamo inmates transferred to Saudi Arabia

Release of four detainees comes despite President-elect Donald Trump's demand for a freeze on transfers.


Egypt court upholds deal to transfer Red Sea islands

Cairo court upholds lower court's verdict that annulled decision voiding territorial agreement with Saudi Arabia.


Egypt approves transfer of Red Sea islands

Cairo court yet to issue final ruling but agreement to transfer two islands already sent to parliament for ratification.

Business & Economy

Saudi to boost 2017 spending as it cuts into deficit

Saudi Arabia's budget deficit shrank to $79bn in 2016 - well below a record $98bn in 2015.


Yemen: Arab coalition to stop using UK cluster bombs

Announcement comes after British defence minister admits coalition used UK-supplied munitions during the 20-month war.


Saudi King challenges foreign 'menace' in Yemen

King Salman says his kingdom will not tolerate any external "interference" in war-torn neighbouring Yemen.


US limits support to Arab coalition's Yemen campaign

Concerns over civilian casualties halt planned weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, which heads alliance battling Houthis.


Saudi Design Queens

Two young Saudi women host a design event that is pushing boundaries of art and tradition.

Counting the Cost

Game of oil: Behind the OPEC deal

OPEC member nations have agreed to cut oil production, but how will the deal affect the global economy?

Saudi Arabia

Saudi labour minister replaced, councils reshuffled

The changes come as the Gulf kingdom prepares to implement social and economic reforms amid economic hardship.

Inside Story

Will OPEC's deal to cut production work?

OPEC member nations agreed to cut oil output at a meeting in Vienna, which could mean lower supplies and higher prices.

Women's Rights

Influential Saudi prince: 'Time for women to drive'

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is an unusually forthright member of the Saudi royal family and an advocate of women's rights.

Oil Price

OPEC seeks to nail down oil output cut in Vienna

OPEC members are meeting in Vienna in an attempt to stabilise the global market by cutting oil output.


Saudi Arabia denies Arab coalition violated Yemen truce

Air strikes on Houthi rebel positions in capital Sanaa were a response to truce violations, coalition spokesman says.


Saudi-led coalition begins 48-hour truce in Yemen

Deal reached that Saudi Arabia says could be extended if Houthi rebels adhere to it.