Rwanda polls expected to extend President Kagame's rule

President Paul Kagame is running for third term and enjoys widespread popularity but critics say opposition is silenced.


Rwanda prepares for general and presidential polls

President Paul Kagame enjoys support before vote that some observers believe is a foregone conclusion.


Rwanda opposition complains of oppression before vote

An outlawed opposition party in Rwanda is using the lead-up to Friday's Presidential election to highlight what it says is the brutal oppression of political freedom.


Rwanda votes: Economic claims under scrutiny

For many years under President Paul Kagame, Rwanda has been hailed as a development and economic success. But as Rwandans head to the polls on Friday, a growing number of critics have begun to question the government’s data.


Rwanda: Uniting genocide survivors and perpetrators

As perpetrators of the genocide seek forgiveness from survivors, those born in its aftermath seek to learn the truth.

Peace Clubs: Rwanda's post-genocide search for renewal

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Rwanda: King of the Mountain

A young man tries to change his country, which still shows the scars of genocide, through cycling.

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Sport: Bolivia's Wrestling Cholita and Parkour in Gaza

Three short films look at how sport can change lives - from wrestling in Bolivia to cycling in Rwanda.


Pope pleads for forgiveness over Rwanda genocide

Catholic church was accused of being close to Hutu-led government in 1994 when 800,000 mostly Tutsis were killed.

 Pope apologises for church's role in Rwanda genocide


Rwanda: Sweet Dreams

How ice cream and drumming helped heal some of the scars of the Rwandan genocide.

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Eritrean refugees in Israel sent to Uganda and Rwanda

Do refugees have a choice in Israel's continued policy of transferring African arrivals to third countries?

Eritrean refugees in Israel sent to Uganda and Rwanda


Catholic bishops apologise for role in Rwanda genocide

Catholic Church in Rwanda says it regrets actions of "all Christians for all forms of wrongs" during massacres in 1994.

Catholic bishops apologise for role in Rwanda genocide


Blood supplying drones take flight over Rwanda

Rwanda launches drone delivery programme to transport medical products to remote parts of the country.


Greetings from the Colony

A Belgian filmmaker explores her family's past in Rwanda after she discovers a hidden aunt and an 80-year-old secret.


Rwandan FM: Rwanda is not 'destabilising' Burundi

Louise Mushikiwabo denies allegations that the government provided military training to Burundian refugees.


Rwanda: Africa's success story or authoritarian state?

Louise Mushikiwabo, the country's foreign minister, denies the killing of Rwandan dissidents.