Donald Trump

Trump denounces appointment of special counsel

Decision to pick ex-FBI head to probe alleged Russian interference in 2016 vote condemned by Trump as 'witch-hunt'.

Trump condemns probe by special counsel for Russia

United States

Special counsel announced to probe Trump-Russia links

Longtime FBI Director Robert Mueller named as the lead investigator looking into alleged Russian ties to Trump campaign.

US & Canada

Putin offers to release Trump-Lavrov talks transcript

Kremlin offer comes amid row over US president's disclosure of ISIL-related information to top Russian diplomats.

Putin offers to release Trump-Lavrov meeting transcript

United States

Trump confirms disclosing information to Russians

Report blaming US president for leaking ISIL-related intelligence to Russian diplomats stirs up a new political storm.

Donald Trump defends sharing 'facts' with Russia

United States

Trump 'disclosed top secret info to Russians'

White House denies Washington Post report that US president shared classified info with Russian FM Sergey Lavrov.

Trump disclosed secrets to Russia: Washington Post


Russia bombing triggers crackdown on Central Asians

Nationwide clampdown on nationals from Central Asia after subway suicide bombing that killed 15 in St Petersburg.

Russia bombing triggers crackdown on Central Asians


Russia: Anger in Moscow over house demolition bill

Thousands of people have demonstrated in Moscow against a proposed demolition of 10 percent of the Russian capital's low-cost housing stock.


Gay rights activists detained in Moscow

Five people held as they try to deliver petition protesting against alleged abuses of gay men in Chechnya.

Gay rights activists detained in Russia's Moscow

United States

US security chiefs target Russian antivirus company

Six intelligence officials express 'concern' over Moscow-based internet security firm Kaspersky Labs.

US security chiefs target Russian antivirus company


Pokemon Go: Russian blogger given suspended sentence

Ruslan Sokolovsky was arrested for posting video on YouTube of him playing Pokemon Go inside a Russian Orthodox church.

Blogger sentenced for playing Pokemon Go in church

US & Canada

Trump defends Comey firing amid calls for Russia probe

Democrats push for independent probe into alleged Russian meddling in US vote as Trump welcomes top Kremlin officials.


Russia celebrates Victory Day with military parade in Red Square

Russia is marking the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany in World War II 72 years ago. President Vladimir Putin has attended a large military parade in Moscow. Victory Day is still one of the most important holidays in the country.

Middle East

Syria's 'de-escalation zones' explained

A deal signed by Russia, Turkey and Iran to create 'de-escalation zones' went into effect on Saturday.


Macron, Putin and the boomerang effect

How the Kremlin's hackers managed to spoil Moscow's relations with the new French president even before he was elected.

Roman Dobrokhotov

by Roman Dobrokhotov

Roman Dobrokhotov

Inside Story

Can the 'de-escalation' plan in Syria work?

So-called 'de-escalation zones' have been created in four mainly opposition-held areas.