War & Conflict

Russian and Turkish jets 'carry out joint raid on ISIL'

Russia's defence ministry says its fighter jets teamed up with Turkish warplanes to hit ISIL in northern Syria's Al Bab.

Syria's Civil War

Russia 'inviting Trump officials' to Syria talks

Foreign minister says Russia and US could start discussions on 'fighting terrorism' in Syria at summit in Kazakhstan.


Ukraine files case against Russia at UN's top court

Russia to defend itself against charges it illegally annexed Crimea in suit seeking damages for shelling of civilians.

Donald Trump

Trump 'will end Russia sanctions for nuclear deal'

Incoming US president says weapons should be reduced, weeks after joining Putin in call for nuclear expansion.


Dear Donald Trump: A letter from Russia

'There's no difference between the average American and Russian; reasonable people are the same everywhere.'


The Steele affair and the British deep state

Concerned about Trump, the UK intelligence community has scrambled to defend Chris Steele and his questionable report.

by Alastair Sloan

Inside Story

Will conflicts of interest drag down Donald Trump?

In first press conference as president-elect, Donald Trump says he rejects claims of Russian campaign against him.


US troops in Poland 'a threat to Russia's security'

Russian government describes US military build-up in Eastern Europe as a 'factor destabilising European security'.


Samantha Power warns: 'I would not trust Russia'

As the US ambassador to the United Nations leaves her post, she has some words of advice for the incoming government.


Trump's secretary of state pick faces confirmation

Russia's alleged hacking of the US presidential election dominates Rex Tillerson's confirmation hearing.

War & Conflict

'Date set' for Syria peace talks in Kazakhstan

Russia reportedly confirms date for upcoming Syria negotiations in Kazakhstan's capital amid concerns over participants.

US & Canada

Mr Trump, meet Bond, James Bond: From Russia with love

The mystery surrounding British reports on Russia-Trump ties will have major ramifications.

by Marwan Bishara


Kremlin denies it has compromising information on Trump

Moscow says claims that Russia has harmful information on president-elect are false and aimed at damaging ties with US.

Middle East

How far is Russia willing to go in Syria?

Russia seems intent on a political solution in Syria but it will have to press Assad harder to accept it.

by Yezid Sayigh

United States

US blacklists Putin ally, alleged Litvinenko killers

Obama administration sanctions Russian duo accused of poisoning former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006.