Middle East

Russia 'strikes deal' with Syrian Kurds to set up base

In agreement with Kurds, Russia to operate military base in Afrin and train YPG fighters in 'anti-terror' combat.

United States

FBI to break silence on Russia ties and wiretap claims

Directors of the FBI and NSA testify on two explosive issues dividing the United States.

Syria's Civil War

Russia, Israel and Iran braced for the endgame in Syria

Russia may soon find it impossible to pursue a policy in Syria that accommodates Israel as well as its enemies.

by Geoffrey Aronson


Can Russia resolve the conflict in Libya?

Moscow is trying to become an arbiter between Haftar and Sarraj and position itself as an indispensable negotiator.

United States

Two Russian spies indicted over massive Yahoo hack

Russian agents and two criminal hackers allegedly accessed at least 30 million user accounts through spam campaign.


Putin approves army deal with Georgia's South Ossetia

Russian president seeks to incorporate some military units of the breakaway region into the Russian army.

Inside Story

Can Turkey and Russia become allies?

Presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan agree to strengthen relations in Moscow meeting.

The Listening Post

Reporting in Ramzan Kadyrov's Chechnya

Navigating the dangerous media landscape in a region where journalists face threats, harassment, and death.

War & Conflict

The Sheriff of Manbij: US makes debut in the Syrian War

Interventionism is addictive, it starts with a simple task and one thing can lead to another.

by Joe Macaron

Middle East

Putin and Erdogan vow cooperation to help end Syria war

Russian leader cautiously optimistic on Syria peace deal, hails Ankara's 'exceptional cooperation' in keeping truce.

Syria's Civil War

Ahrar al-Sham: 'ISIL is not fighting Assad'

Al Jazeera speaks with Ahrar Al Sham's spokesperson about rebel infighting, the negotiations and Syria's future.

Middle East

Putin-Netanyahu meeting focuses on Iran's role in Syria

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu warns Russian President Vladimir Putin over Iranian influence in war-torn Syria.

Middle East

Israel on alert as Iran expands operations in Syria

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in Russia for talks with President Vladimir Putin. The conflict in Syria is likely to top the agenda.


Russian dissident Ildar Dadin freed from jail

Russia's Supreme Court has ordered the release of Ildar Dadin, an opposition activist. He was jailed in 2015 after becoming the first person to be convicted under new laws on protests.

Syria's Civil War

Turkey-Russia-US meeting addresses 'risk of conflict'

Top generals discuss developments in Syria and Iraq amid rising tensions in northern Syria over US-backed Kurdish force.