DRC: New PM named as political tensions simmer

Announcement likely to further divide the president's opponents in a country that has been rocked by violence.


UN renews smaller DRC peacekeeping force

Security Council cuts number of MONUSCO mission troops as US seeks cutting costs and streamlining of UN's operations.


US demands cuts to UN's DRC troop deployment

The United States is calling for cuts to the UN mission in Democratic Republic of the Congo before long-delayed elections are held this year. About 19,000 UN troops are protecting Congolese people from violence.


Bodies of missing UN workers found in DRC

Three bodies discovered - including a decapitated woman's - during search for Congolese, American, and Swedish UN staff.


Rebel fighters kill 40 policemen in DRC

Officials say the rebel fighters attacked the police as they were driving from Tshikapa to Kananga.


ICC awards damages to victims of DRC militia leader

Court in The Hague makes first compensation award to victims of war crimes, relating to an attack in the DRC.


Two United Nations workers kidnapped in DRC

Unidentified 'negative forces' took UN observers hostage along with four DRC nationals in Kasai region.


DRC troops kill 101 in clashes with Kamwina Nsapu group

Human rights spokeswoman says death toll suggests 'disproportionate' force with at least 39 women among victims.

Human Rights

The healing powers of football in the DRC

Against the backdrop of a brutal civil war, millions of Congolese turn to football to cope with the conflict.


DRC's main opposition leader dies in Brussels

Etienne Tshisekedi was set to take top post in transitional council to pave way for President Kabila's exit.


'There is no help': 10,000 homeless after DRC floods

Residents express frustration over the handling of the disaster that killed dozens and destroyed entire villages.


Deal finalised on peaceful political transition in DRC

Government and opposition agree that President Joseph Kabila will step down after elections are held next year.

Inside Story

Can DR Congo avert a transition crisis?

President Joseph Kabila has agreed to step down after elections next year in a power-transfer deal backed by the church.


Negotiations on DRC political transition continue

Source close to DRC mediators says both sides making new demands, making final settlement increasingly difficult.


DRC's Kabila to step down after vote in new deal

Agreement reached by Congolese political parties aims to have transitional government in place by March next year.