Latin America

Peru's flood victims hope for recovery

Peruvians are waiting for the end of a brutally rainy season. Floods and landslides have already killed at least 80 people since December. More than 100,000 people have been forced to leave their homes.

Latin America

Death toll in devastating Peru floods climbs

President calls heavy rains, which have displaced thousands since the start of the year, a 'serious climatic problem'.

Latin America

Peru floods: Military rescues stranded villagers

Rising flood waters in Peru have killed at least 48 people and destroyed thousands of homes. The government is pledging $250m for the rebuilding efforts.


Deadly floods continue to devastate Peru

The South American country has felt the effects of heavy rain since the turn of the year.

Latin America

Peru floods put thousands in danger

Unseasonal rain in Peru has forced one region to declare a state of emergency. Police have closed bridges for fear of collapse in the city of Piura, the regional capital.


Life in Peru's 'cocaine valley'

A soldier, a local radio presenter and a coca leader give their view on life in Peru's main cocaine-producing region.

The Listening Post

Nuqanchik: Peruvian news and the politics of language

Quechua is one of South America's oldest languages and now some journalists are challenging its marginalisation.

The Listening Post

Is the media 'normalising' Donald Trump?

We examine the media's softening criticism of President Trump. Plus, Peru launches first Quechua-language news show.

Latin America

Peru ex-leader faces arrest over $20m bribe allegations

Toledo is accused of receiving $20m in bribes from construction company Odebrecht, an allegation he denies.

Street Food

Lima: Peru's food revolution

As Peru struggles to define its modern self, are the country's culinary traditions the key to a better future?

Latin America

Peru and Bolivia vow to clean Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world has a weird foam layer on the surface and emits a smell of decay.

Latin America Investigates

Peru: The Sodalitium Scandal

Investigating allegations of corruption involving one of Latin America's wealthiest Roman Catholic societies.

Human Rights

In Latin America, people disappear but crimes remain

As we mark the International Day of the Disappeared, countless families across Latin America have yet to attain closure.

by Belen Fernandez


Former banker Kuczynski sworn in as Peru's president

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski vows to kick-start slowing economy as he takes oath of office as Peru's new leader.


Peru's dirty gold

What is the true price of gold? We investigate the devastating impact of illegal gold mining in the rainforests of Peru.


Severe winter chill grips Peru

Livelihoods under threat as intense cold spell of weather sweeps across the Peruvian Andes