Peru's dirty gold

What is the true price of gold? We investigate the devastating impact of illegal gold mining in the rainforests of Peru.


Severe winter chill grips Peru

Livelihoods under threat as intense cold spell of weather sweeps across the Peruvian Andes

Human Rights

Peru: Vigilantes take the law into their own hands

The rondas use a system they say dates back to the Incas, but some have accused them of human rights violations.


Prosecutor says Hugo Chavez may have funded Peru leader

An unverified letter alleged Chavez and Brazilian construction companies funded Ollanta Humala's campaign in 2006.


Fujimori concedes defeat in Peru presidential election

After narrow victory, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski will have to work with Keiko Fujimori's party which has Congress majority.


Peru presidency race: Kuczynski's camp claims victory

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski's camp claims victory as 97 percent of the ballots in from Sunday's runoff have been counted.


Kuczynski holds slight lead in Peru elections

Partial results give former banker a narrow lead over his rival Keiko Fujimori in presidential elections.


Peru vote: Fujimori and Kuczynski 'tied' in exit polls

Peru's presidential election too close to call, three exit polls show at the close of voting.

The Listening Post

Peru's election: Media, money and manipulation

Corruption and cover-ups: How the media cover Peru's elections; plus, war and peace: Colombia's unreconciled narratives.


Fujimori forced into runoff in Peru election

Daughter of jailed former president wins 38 percent of vote, partial results show, as runoff planned for June 5.

Human Rights

Peru's history of forced sterilisation overshadows vote

Presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori carries the burden of her father's involvement in forced sterilisations.


Keiko Fujimori's presidential bid angers Peruvians

Protests in Lima force daughter of jailed former leader Alberto Fujimori to suspend election campaign.

Science & Technology

NASA's mission: Growing potatoes on Mars

Scientist team up with the International Potato Centre in Peru for the experiment in the Atacama desert.


Peru's election shake-up

After barring of two major presidential candidates, some are questioning the legitimacy of next month's vote.


Peru's Keiko Fujimori accused of vote violations

Thousands rally against Fujimori after two of her rivals are banned from running in April 10 presidential elections.