Human Rights

Palestinians in Israel strike after deadly Negev raid

Palestinians in Israel protest in cities across the country after home demolition raid turned deadly in Um al Hiran.


Who represents the Palestinian people?

The political parties and groups advocating for the cause of Palestinian self-determination.

Middle East

Fatah and Hamas to form unity government

Agreement reached after three days of talks in Moscow paving the way for the formation of a new National Council.


Palestinian hospital school 'resistance to occupation'

The one-classroom school in an East Jerusalem hospital allows chronically ill Palestinian children to continue studies.

Middle East

Palestinians in Chile 'live and breathe Palestine'

Al Jazeera speaks with Ziad el-Aloul, a Palestinian activist, about ways to unite Palestinian diaspora in Latin America.


Dear Donald Trump: A letter from Palestine

'The US must start treating Palestinians as equals to Israelis.'

Middle East

Palestinian teen killed by Israeli army during clashes

Violence erupts after a raid by Israeli security forces in a village south of Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank.

Inside Story

Another attempt at peace for Palestine and Israel

Is there still hope for a two-state solution?


Palestine: Growing Recognition

Amid efforts to bring the issue back to the negotiating table, 137 UN member nations have recognised State of Palestine.


Paris peace conference: A damp squib

A half-century of Israeli occupation is not going to be meaningfully addressed by international meetings.

Middle East

Vatican embassy a 'place of pride' for Palestinians

Palestinian leader meets Pope Francis for the opening of Vatican-based embassy, a day before Paris peace conference.


Palestinian Authority set to open embassy in Vatican

President Mahmoud Abbas meets Pope Francis for the opening of the embassy, one day before Paris peace conference.


Israel and Palestinians squabble over Paris conference

At least 72 countries will attend a conference aiming to lay a framework for a two-state solution.


Anti-Semitism on the political right

Chemi Shalev and Hadas Gold discuss the troubling resurgence of anti-Semitism among the hard right.


Anti-Semitism on the political left

Jonathan Freedland, Lisa Goldman and Noura Erakat debate anti-Semitism among the political left.