Middle East

Palestinians react to status upgrade

West Bank and Gaza celebrate UN vote, but not everyone is convinced the new status will help Palestine's cause.


Local control revives depleted fisheries

Small community-led no-fishing areas are protecting reefs and sustaining marine environments.


Welcoming Palestine to UNESCO

With Palestine getting full membership to the UNESCO, it also serves as a political reminder of its bid for statehood.

by Richard Falk


Protecting nature's nomads

Migratory patterns of 10,000 species are being destroyed by barriers, habitat degradation, pollution and climate change.

by Achim Steiner


Guantanamo is an evolutionary experiment

US detention centre can remain open as long as the "war on terror" continues, with no end in sight.

by Lisa Hajjar


US to slash aid payments to Palau

Cutback could leave Pacific island nation's economy struggling to stay afloat.


Life after Guantanamo

Ex-detainees given asylum by Pacific island of Palau welcome freedom but not isolation.