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Targeting US gun laws

New voices are joining the push for reform, but can they succeed where others have failed?

Orlando shooting

Orlando shooting: US Senate rejects tighter gun control

Senate rejects measures by Republicans and Democrats to stem gun violence after worst shooting in modern US history.

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Orlando shooting: Omar Mateen call transcripts released

FBI says no proof Omar Mateen was directed by foreign armed group as it releases suspect's first conversation with 911.

Orlando shooting

Orlando shooting: The deadly legacy of the AR-15 rifle

A look at the AR-15 rifle used in three recent mass shootings, including the Orlando massacre which killed 50.

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Orlando shooting: Obama decries easy access to guns

US president's appeal comes less than a week after mass shooting in Orlando gay nightclub that left 49 people dead.

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Orlando: Media narratives of mass shootings

We analyse the coverage of the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida; plus, cartoonist Gado on the state of Kenya's media.

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At Orlando's Pulse memorial, Obama pushes gun control

US Congress urged to make it harder for people to buy weapons like the one used in Sunday's killings in Florida gay bar.

US Election 2016

US election 2016: Donald Trump's in trouble

Now 70 percent of electorate view him negatively, 56 percent feel "strongly unfavourable".

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Orlando shooting: US Democrats push for gun control

Senator Chris Murphy says marathon filibuster ended after Republicans agreed on background checks and watch lists vote.

Orlando shooting

Florida shooting: Outpouring of love in Orlando

Massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Floriday prompt outpouring of support for LGBT community from across the country.

Orlando shooting

Orlando shooting: Omar Mateen's wife could be charged

Noor Salman, Omar Mateen's wife, had "some knowledge" of husband's plan to carry out massacre at gay club, reports say.

Orlando shooting

Orlando shooting: Obama slams Trump's Muslim ban call

US president responds to criticism of his government for not using phrase 'radical Islam' as political talking point.

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Who defines 'terrorism'?

Recent attacks have brought the use of the word to the fore, but who decides whether a crime is terrorism act or not?