Anders Breivik returns to court with a Nazi salute

Norwegian mass murderer flashes racist sign as he pleads for improvement in prison conditions.


Norway probes child sex abuse cases at refugee centres

Several abuse cases reported in Norway as Sweden detains 14 over alleged plot to attack asylum-seeker shelters.


Refugees in Arctic Norway resist deportation plans

Authorities plan to send dozens of mostly Syrian refugees back over the Russian border they crossed last autumn.

Climate SOS

Climate change: Arctic reindeer herders on thin ice

Sami reindeer herders in Norway fear climate change could force the abandonment of a thousand-year way of life.


Japan snubs court ruling to resume 'research' whaling

Activists voice anger as Ministry of Fisheries announces "research" whaling to begin again in March under revised plan.

War & Conflict

And this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner is…

Tackling the refugee crisis, Iran nuclear deal, and helping rape victims push candidates towards the coveted prize.

Inside Story

Who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize?

This year's Nobel Peace Prize winner will be named on Friday.


Norway massacre survivor returns to Utoya Island

Eirin Kjaer was gravely wounded when right-wing Anders Behring Breivik carried out the attacks in 2011.


Norway camp reopens four years after Breivik massacre

Four years after Anders Behring Breivik killed 69 people on Utoya island, Labour Party's youth camp begins seminars.


Reclaiming Utoya

Breivik wanted to create conflict between Norwegians and immigrant communities, but his acts had the opposite effect.

by Aage Borchgrevink

Human Rights

Norwegian killer Breivik wins place at Oslo University

Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in 2011, to study political science from solitary confinement in prison.


Norway activists stand up for migrants drowning at sea

Norwegian protesters use paper boats and "die-ins" to demonstrate migrants' plight and demand more rescue action.

Human Rights

Yemeni family struggles to stay in Norway

Thousands of rejected asylum seekers have been deported, including hundreds of children, but many are refusing to go.


Thousands catch glimpse of rare solar eclipse

Solar eclipse of varying degrees viewed across most of Europe, northern Africa, central Asia and the Middle East.


Norway's prison without bars: 'It's a trust thing'

Halden Prison tests the limits of humane incarceration and rehabilitation, greatly reducing re-offending rates.