Mozambique's hidden conflict: Fear has taken hold

Two decades after the end of Mozambique's bloody civil war, security forces try to quell conflict in Gorongosa region.

Human Rights

In Mozambique, the children too poor to learn

Despite improvements in education access, many rural children are still pressed into work to supplement family income.

Malaysia Airlines

Mozambique debris 'almost certainly' from missing MH370

Australian minister says pieces washed up in southern Africa consistent with panels from missing Malaysian Airlines jet.


Child marriage in Mozambique: Desperate to escape

A growing number of Mozambique girls are turning to child marriage in hope of escaping their poverty-stricken families

Humanitarian crises

Fighting in Mozambique prompts refugee flight to Malawi

Nearly 3,500 people flee to neighbouring country, raising concerns of new refugee crisis in Southern Africa.

Africa Investigates

Mozambique's Gem Wars

Investigating corruption and mysterious deaths at the heart of Mozambique's lucrative ruby mining industry.

Human Rights

South Africa jails policemen for dragging death

Eight officers imprisoned 15 years each for the killing of a Mozambican taxi driver dragged behind a police van.


Zimbabwe's white farmers start anew in Mozambique

Some farmers forced out by controversial land reform programme are thriving in Zimbabwe's eastern neighbour.


Mozambique: Refugees shun Europe for southern Africa

Cheaper and less dangerous, refugees staying in Africa still face arduous journeys and unscrupulous traffickers.


Mozambique declares itself free of landmines

British charity group ends two decades of work clearing more than 171,000 landmines from 1,100 minefields.

Human Rights

S Africa deports hundreds of Mozambican nationals

At least 400 people removed in raids targeting foreign nationals, drawing ire from activists.


Myanmar's Smart Farmers & Saving Mozambique's Forests

Farmers in Myanmar use design to stay ahead of climate change; and a community in Mozambique is planting a future.


Mozambique: Planting a Future

A rural community in northern Mozambique is putting forest conservation at the heart of their economy.


A South African murder through the lens

A Pulitzer prize-winning photographer on the ethics of taking pictures of a murder.

by Greg Marinovich

Poverty & Development

Swaziland unrest looms after US rescinds trade deal

Swaziland's workers bear the consequences after it was removed from lucrative US trade bloc for failing on human rights.